Dosage on Gym Days vs. Rest Days


Guillermo asks:

How am I supposed to correctly stack the usage of Plazma™, Mag 10®, Alpha Male®, and Surge® Recovery during both workout days and non-workout days?

Meaning daily dosage of each for a gym day and for rest days. (I am 6’0 with 165 lbs).


I’m not sure how you’re exactly using all of them now, but the first and most simple thing is: No Surge Recovery or Plazma on rest days. They’re workout nutrition, so when you’re not working out, there’s no need for them.

I’m also not totally sure why you’re using both of them together. Plazma is the best of the best, while Surge Recovery is basic and effective. Unless maybe you’re doing something like a scoop of Plazma before the workout and 1-2 scoops scoop of Surge Recovery during training as some kind of combo approach?

But just Plazma has you totally covered on its own, two scoops per workout (one right before, one during) if it works for your budget. Reallocating the Surge Recovery funds towards it could help.

Other than than, Alpha Male stays the same regardless of training. 1-2 tablets twice a day. Just be sure to follow the 5 days on, 2 days off plan on the label.

Mag-10 is sort of up to you based on your overall nutrition plan. It’s not strictly affected by training or non-training days, except that it can work great as a post-workout drink. But on any day, you can have one scoop between meals, in place of a meals (very useful if you’re cutting bodyfat), ASAP in the morning or right before bed.


Thanks, I’m clear on the non-workout days.

I’m planning to use the Surge Recovery and Plazma together as follows:

One Plazma scoop 15 min before training and another scoop throughout the workout. Then Surge Recovery would be taken as a post-workout drink. Finally, the Mag-10 would be in between meals or before bed. Thoughts??

Aditionally, if this is not optimal let me know if I should change the Surge Recovery for Surge Workout Fuel and used in the same combination as mentioned above (forgot to mention my overall goal is to clean bulk).



Forgot to ask about adding Creatine to this stack as well… is it essential to add for bulking and building lean muscle if I’m already taking (plazma, surge, mag 10)?



One scoop of Plazma before and one scoop of Plazma during is basically as good as it gets and has all bases covered. The Surge Recovery after isn’t bad, but it’s redundant and not adding much bang for the proverbial buck.

What some people do, to keep a budget in place, is one scoop of Plazma before training and one scoop of Surge Workout Fuel during training. That’s a solid compromise because Surge Workout Fuel and Plazma share several ingredients, so they coordinate much more than Surge Recovery, which is a much more basic formula.

I like to use a good-better-best scale. Surge Recovery being good, Surge Workout Fuel being better, and Plazma being best. Piling good on top of best is, like, just not that much better than simply using the best. (Did that make sense? Hope so.)

Creatine isn’t “essential”, but it’s extremely useful, time-tested, and well-researched. This article talks about many of the common benefits and this article discusses some pretty neat unexpected non-muscle or fat-related benefits.

There’s no problem adding it into the current plan. 5g around training (right into the shake before or during, no major difference) and/or 5g in Mag-10 anytime on rest days (it’s just convenient that way. I throw it into my before bed Mag-10).