Dosage in Two Caps of Z-12?

I want to try Z-12, but I would like to know roughly how much phenibut I would be ingesting if I took two capsules per night.

You can send an e-mail to and Biotest Customer Service can try to help you with that. It’s part of the complex and they often have issues with companies trying to swipe their formulas, but contacting them directly is the best bet.

Hey Chris,

I suck at using the site and email on here. Can you give me any feedback on rough dosages on Z-12 please. I’m well aware that some supplements can have drug-like effects, depending on dose. I totally get protecting the formula from other companies though. Just trying to figure out how to relax after work without abusing alcohol, but not taking too much phenibut. Thanks in advance for your help, and happy new year!

I’m not sure on the exact doses of phenibut in Z-12 but, in general, 1-2 caps is considered the “relax mode” dose while the full 3-4 cap serving is more for before bed to improve sleep quality.

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