Dosage for Smaller Guys and Timing

Being fairly new to the whole supplements world and somewhat ignorant, I have a few questions. I am 48 years old, 5’5, 138 pounds and 14 to 15% body fat. I lift every weekday and some Saturdays with no intention of ever competing, I just want to be fit and not turn into a pot bellied old fart like most of the guys my age.

First, my assumption is that the dosage recommendations are based on a 200 pound man. Since I am about 70% of that, I have been adjusting my dosage to 75% of what the label indicates.

Question 1) Is my assumption accurate and are the following dosages appropriate for someone my size?
Indigo 3G- 4 pills. (bottle says 4-6)
Plazma- 48.75 grams per serving (one before and one during WO) Bottle suggests 65 grams per serving.
MAG-10- 26.25 grams per serving (3 times a day- an hour after WO, between lunch and dinner and just before bed). Bottle says 35 grams per serving.

Question 2) Is there a “window” for when to take MAG-10? The label says between meals on an empty stomach, but the write-up on your site (under the heading “Effective Protein Pulsing”) says 30 minutes prior to meals. Is that a MINIMUM of 30 minutes or actual 30 minutes? If I can make it more effective just by taking it a certain time, that’s great, but my schedule will make those doses be very unevenly spaced.

Question 3) Should I take MAG-10 on non workout days? If so, what about supplementing with Met Drive on non WO days to save cost?


  1. No. Dosage of <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is the same for all body weights. Not all supplements are weight dependent. Even small females follow the label recs on Indigo-3G. That said, the label does say that you can get results with a 4 capsule serving, but this isn’t body weight dependent, more related to individual budgets. (We’ve had small females use 12 capsules per day.)

  2. <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma dosing can be adjusted for smaller folks, or for the intensity and length of the workout it’s being used for. Longer, tough workouts = more Plazma. Shorter, less intense session = less. We suggest keeping each serving a full serving though. But where our very large bodybuilders may use more than 3 servings per workout, we “mere mortals” may find that one serving pre-workout is all we need. But if it’s an intense weight training session, most people use at least 1 or 2 more servings during training. Always get that pre-load serving in though.

  3. Same as above. Stick to a full servings. You may however need fewer total servings.

  4. There are many ways to effectively use <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10. In fact, it’s kinda hard to use it incorrectly! Many use it post-workout, others between meals and some with or before meals or as part of a snack. Really, it’s hard to screw it up, but go by label recs first.

  5. You can take Mag-10 on off days. You’ll still get the protein pulsing effect. It’s not the same as <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive though. Different purposes. Think of Metabolic Drive as a meal replacement or addition to meals. Mag-10 is an anabolic protein pulse.

After a couple weeks, you’ll get a feel for how to adjust things for your needs. Great choice of supplements though. Very powerful combo!

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