Donna's V-Diet Journal

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of questions though, I read in another thread that if the desired weight loss is over 35 lbs. than the formula should be this:

(10.2 x body weight + 879) x .50 = _______ x .8 = _______

(10.2 x body weight + 879) x .60 = _______ x .8 = _______

Will someone please direct me to the article that says this? I have saved the most current V-Diet to my favorites, and I do not see this in there anywhere.

The last measurements I took were on 01/15/09. I will update these once I begin with photos. They are as follows:

January 15, 2009
Bust 42-/12
Waist 36
R bicep ? 12-1/2
L bicep ? 13-1/2
Hips ? 36
L thigh ? 26
R thigh ? 26-1/2
L calf ? 16-1/2
R calf ? 16-1/4

I estimate my bf to be in the high 30s for I am 5? 9? and 200 lbs.

This plan sounds like exactly what I need, a jumpstart on the weight loss, but more importantly to change my behavior with food.

I have found that my relationship with food is not very different from others who are overweight; I use food for the wrong reason. Instead of looking at food as nourishment and fuel for my activities, I look to if for it comfort, and/or use like a drug. Although, I do realize that it is okay to enjoy food, I just enjoy the wrong foods too much.

I know how to eat clean and have been eating clean on and off for some time, but one of my problems, besides portion control and timing, is that once I have a cheat meal; it is hard for me to get back eating clean again. I know this is common, I have read it in other threads, and forums.

Anyway, this diet is for me for it will help with cravings; help with portion control, nutrient timing, and a great jump-start on my weight loss to help with motivation.

I have ordered half of the supplements and should receive them next week. I will receive the ?Magic Bullet? next week; I purchased that for work just in case. I have the cooler, almond butter, peanut butter, flax, fiber tablets, tape measure, digital camera (but do not know how to post pictures yet ? I am technology challenged) but still need to get a couple of shakers, and stock up on plenty of bottled water.

I am not sure when I will start the V-Diet; it will be either March 1st or sometime this month. I want to get familiar with posting pictures, and I may run through all of the exercises suggested to get an idea of weight, form and etc. for I would be considered a beginner and although I am familiar with most of the exercises, I still have to Google a few of them.

Once I start the diet, I plan strict adherence, and will do all that is recommended by the author–diet, exercise, post pictures, measurements, etc.- No Excuses, No Modifications!

I am sick of my body being this way!!!

Please help, I need all the encouragement, preparation, and advice I can get to ensure success. I welcome any advice.


[quote]D0NNA wrote:
Will someone please direct me to the article that says this?

Hi Donna, most of the V-Diet info can be found in the “Start Here” thread:

Something more concise may be coming soon though.

Sounds like you have everything in place, including attitude and mindset, probably the most important things.

Keep us posted!

I wish you great success ,Donna! Get mad and get ready for a fight, it’s gonna be worth it!

Thanks for the direction and encouragement Chris and knuckle74. I have just spent the past few hours re-reading the V-diet, Sarah?s, and Gus’s journal; I feel confident.

I am going to the gym to test all of the exercises to get an idea of weight, find the hours for my university’s gym. I will probably plan on a Tue., Thurs., and Sat workout, not sure though.

I am a fulltime student at night, and work full time during the day. I also have a treadmill and some weights in the basement, my heaviest dumbbell is 20#, but I do have that option. Oh and I just bought some iron woody bands! A chin up/pull up is another goal!!

Upon returning home I will figure out the times and amount of shakes via fitday.

Is this where I should post my journey?

Yes, post your journey in here ! It helps stay focused.

Good luck on your journey-- you can do it ! I am on day 4 and love it. Stay focused and you will accomplish and conquer the diet :slight_smile: .

I finished buying enough shakers to fill my cooler, and picked up some extracts for the shakes and other misc. items to help.

I have been implementing shakes first thing in the am for I have a bad habit of not eating for a few hours in the am, and one before bed because I am the typical overweight woman, I tend to eat too much before bed.

I went to the gym today and checked out their schedule, I may have to utilize the basement gym occasionally.

I did Monday’s workout:

Pull down 90#x4, 100#x4, and 110x4x3
Deadlift 70#x4x5
Barbell decline 40#x4x4 & 20#x4
Side planks 30 sec each side 2x’s

When calculating weight do I include the weight of the barbell? For instance, for the deadlift, I put on to 35# plates, hence, 70# for deadlift, but the bar, I was told, weighs 45#.

I was not sure about the side plank, so I Google it when I got home and found that I should have been resting on my elbow instead of balancing on my hand.

Tuesday I will do the next workout.

I have decided to start the diet the Monday after I receive the supplements.

I will post pictures and updated measurements the Sunday before I start the V-diet.


[quote]D0NNA wrote:

When calculating weight do I include the weight of the barbell? For instance, for the deadlift, I put on to 35# plates, hence, 70# for deadlift, but the bar, I was told, weighs 45#.

Typically, in weight training, you count the weight of the bar if it’s plate-loaded. If it’s fixed (the weights are permanently attached) then the numbers listed on the side count the bar weight too.

Thanks Chris, I always wondered about that.
I also had to use the barbell for the declines since I did not have a spotter. Is that okay or should I have decreased the weight in order to safely maneuver the barbells at a decline? Tomorrow I will work on Wednesday?s training to see what weights, and if I have any questions.

My total calories will be as follows: Non-lift = 1,170 which will consist of 8 servings of Metabolic Drive, 1 serving of Milled Flax, 2 Flameout, and 1 serving of Almond butter. I am not sure how they will be split, except for the flax, which will be the first and last shake, and the almond butter in the last shake, other than that I will be prepared for any scenario.

Lifting days=1400 will be the same except to eliminate 1 serving of Metabolic Drive and add 1 serving of Surge. I have come up with a few different scenarios of when these shakes will be implemented, but I want to get a feel of the HOT-ROX, to see how hungry I actually get. I have taken HOT-ROX before, but only one per day and of course, with food.

I have been implementing these shakes at my ?troubled times? i.e. early am, when I usually just have coffee for the first few hours, and late at night, where night time eating, heck who am I kidding, nighttime bingeing occurs.

Last night I had the vanilla Metabolic Drive, almond butter, flax, and the coconut and banana flavoring, and OMG, was that good! I usually have real bad nighttime cravings, and a hit the spot like you would not believe.

Currently, I only have the vanilla Metabolic Drive and another brand of low carb chocolate, so I have been mixing those two in the am with black coffee.

I will post pictures sometime this week, my camera is at my office or else I would have posted them now. I need to learn how to post them side by side, that way I can see improvements.

I am hoping to start next Monday; I would be surprised if my shipment did not come in by then.


I should be getting my shipment tonight. I am excited to get things started, my start date will be Monday February 23, 2009!!!

Tonight I will do my second workout to see what the weights will be and if there are any questions.

I went to Target to look for a bathing suit for pictures and I did buy one, but I am sorry, I will not be posing in one of those. I cannot believe they make them that large! I cannot believe someone my size would wear one - no offense, I guess more power to them, but that will not be me! I will be taking my pictures in black boy shorts and a black tank top. That should be fine, don’t you think? My only concern is being able to see the loss - I need to see the loss, if you know what I mean. I just hope that any loss in the belly area will be able to be seen with a black tank top. What do you guys think?


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