Doing the V-Diet Right This Time

This is not my first time doing the Velocity diet. However, the first time that I did it was about a year ago and with alot more ignorance. I used only whey isolate protein and milled flaxseed. It was impossible and I gave up after two weeks. Now, I am doing everything right and having been following T-Nation closely for awhile. Here goes.

I started on Monday, September 1st and weighed 220 lbs on the nose. My measurements are as follows
Left Forearm- 12
Right Forearm- 12
Right Thigh- 27
Right Calf- 16.25
Right Ankle- 10.5
Left Thigh- 27
Left Calf- 16.75
Left Ankle- 10.5
Right Bicep- 14
Left Bicep- 14.5
Neck- 14.75
Chest- 40.25

My calories are 1250 for non-lifting days and 1525 for days I lift.

My macronutrient breakdown is as follows
Calories= 1572
Protein= 211.5g
Carbs= 92.6g
Fat= 44.9g

Calories= 1252
Protein= 186.5g
Carbs= 43.6g
Fat= 40.4g

I am a college student and with classes just atarting and all I have had a ton of free time. I know things will get more hectic as the semester progresses but right now I am using the freetime to my advantage. I had to lift Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week because all of the gyms were closed on Monday for the holiday. I really enjoy doing the Waterbury workouts that are the standard for the Velocity. I always leave the gym feeling like I have run myself into the ground.

Also with all my free time I have been able to get in quite a bit of NEPA. Monday I walked 16 miles, Tuesday I walked 16 miles, Wednesday I walked 15 miles, Thursday was a little busier and I only had time for 7 miles. (Yes that means I watched the Giants dominate(at least for the first half) of their season opener). Friday I walked 13 but started to feel shin splints poking around in my legs because it is all just constant sidewalk. The walks get pretty monotonous after awhile so I am always using my ipod.


Good luck on you second time around. I too am on my second time around and feel I have a bit more knowledge this time around then the first.

Stay strong!


Yesterday was weigh in and dropped to 211.
My measurements went as follows
Waist-42.5 to 41.25
Left Forearm- 12 to 12
Right Forearm- 12 to 11.75
Right Thigh- 27 to 26.75
Right Calf- 16.25 to 16.25
Right Ankle- 10.5 to 10.5
Left Thigh- 27 to 26.75
Left Calf- 16.75 to 16.25
Left Ankle- 10.5 to 10.5
Right Bicep- 14 to 13.75
Left Bicep- 14.5 to 14.25
Neck- 14.75 to 14
Chest- 40.25 to 40

HSM was great, had a 6 oz steak with a cucumber and head of broccoli. Today I walked 16 miles so far and am probably going for 20 before the football game tonite.

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