Doing the Transition Period as Life Style

I am doing the Velocity diet the second time and boy, this time i am enjoying it but obviously there are times i crave for things but i am focused because i know that the overall goal is so much better.

One thing i learned is that fast food is tasty BUT you know that its unhealthy for you and after eating a meal you feel stuffed and feeling bad that you just downed a 3 piece KFC meal. You think that everything will be fine but you know that its not good in the long run.

From doing the V-Diet for the second time I have learned that you can have any sort of food which is equivalent to fast food but more healthier. You can ENJOY food for what it is and how it should taste because you have cooked it. Its called being prepared and not coming up with Excuses.

after the 28 days i realised that eating healthy is really beneficial and can be really tasty as well.

I am in so love with the transition period, i was just wondering why dont i make that into my life style,

So i am thinking

Meal 1 : Protein Shake
Meal 2 (snack): HSM
Meal 3 : Protein Shake
Meal 4 : HSM
Meal 5 Protein Shake

this way i will still enjoy food and not over eat before bed.

What you guys think?

A guy that goes by the name of Alpha, who has one of the most impressive physiques on this site, has used this approach for a while now if I remember correctly. I know that he was at least doing this for a long time, and looked awesome. You can find his training log over on the main tmuscle site.

Its worked well for him. As long as you are getting in the proper macros and calories needed to hit your goals, its probably an excellent idea.

Not a bad plan at all. I find that I average a shake or two per day every day. Just convenient and tasty, especially for breakfast since I’m one of those that just doesn’t feel like cooking or eating much upon waking. Plus I like to wake and go right to work. In fact, in the last 4 years since my own V-Diet, I’d say I’ve had at least one shake per day. It’s a big help with maintenance.

Thanks a lot Chris, I think its a simple thing to be honest following the above schedule as you know that only in the evening that people over eat and binge on takeaways and other comfort food. This way i will still eat proper healthy food.

Me being asian all my family eat is rice at night time so a simple rule for my self is that the last meal has to be a shake thats it. This way i will get to my goal

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