Doing Something on 'Non Training Days'?

I normally train everyday except on week ends.

I do daily my walk for 4 miles, but would like to workout.

I read that this should not be an option, but what would be the result and can I do something as this is weird for me not to train.

Sorry for my english, I’m from Switzerland

Are you on the V-Diet?

Yes started 2 days ago, but allready on protein diet since a couple of weeks.

When on a lower-carb, lower calorie diet, too much traditional cardio can lead to muscle loss and subsequent metabolism damage. So that’s what we’re trying to avoid here. The V-Diet plan is 3 weight training days, 1 tough challenge session (V-Burn), and fast walks or similar 7 days a week. While there are several protective mechanisms built into the V-Diet supplements that prevent muscle loss and can even lead to muscle gain, you don’t want to overdo training when in a calorie deficit.

I’d suggest using those extra days for an extra long NEPA session, foam rolling, or even non-failure practice sessions if you’re working on perfecting some new lifts.

Thank you Chris,

For those good advise, I will do my best to keep quit, and avoid to much exercice, except for a long walk or some roller skating (without to much effort).

Regarding supplement like natural testosterone increasing, creatine, are those ok or should they be avoided and should I wait until the end of the 28 days or later?

Actualy someone from the US brought me the V-Diet but I also have some other stuff like AP, CLA, MULTI-CREATINE,TESTOPUMP AND REVEX-16.

I guess creatine is maybe not for the moment as it seams to bring some fat weight (I’m maybe wrong) but what about the rest?

Regarding today, this is the day for me to have a solid dinner, should I act specially (except for the food: low-fat grilled beef, salad eventually some brown rice).

thank you very much for your help Chris.


If you’d like to add creatine you can, but keep in mind that when you first start using creatine, you may see some water-weight gain. This isn’t fat, but it can throw off your scale reading and might freak you out.

Natural T boosters are fine to add if you’d like, but not necessary for the V-Diet. Flameout already has CLA so no need for that. I’m not familiar with the rest of the supplements, but really the V-Diet has you covered for its goal. Save the rest for after.

Your HSM choice looks good, no need to change anything.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your answers. Regarding the things you’r not familiar with does brands they are:

  • “PoweFull” Grow Hormone Stimulator
  • “HotBlood” 30 minutes Pre-Training preparation
  • “AP” Herbal preparation to take 15 minutes before Meals containing Carbo. Hydrate ( don’t think this is needed except during HSM?)
  • “Revex-16” Adipokill Fat Burner

Does are the supplement I take, do you thing I should continue so or stop during the V-Diet?

Regarding Creatine, Is it only at the beginning that the effect of water-weight show off and will it progressively go away or do I have to take something else to counter part this effect?

About Natural Nut Butter, we don’t find it here in Switzerland, can I replace it with Peanuts Butter?

How would you suggest I take Creatine (amout and daily itake?)

Once again, Chris, Thank you for all your help.


I’d suggest stopping all the other supplements during the V-Diet. They are not needed.

If you want to take plain creatine, add 5 grams to Surge Recovery. Do not “load” it. Take the tape measurements as instructed by the V-Diet since scale weight will be affected by taking the creatine.

Regular peanut butter is okay if that’s all you have. Not recommended normally, but it sounds like you don’t have a choice.

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