Doing it Again

I did the V-Diet about two years ago using plain whey protein concentrate, contrary to what is said about non micellar products my results were excellent

I went from 92.3kg @ 20%bf -> 84.7kg @ 12.9%bf as per the attached image

I was amazed at how good I felt afterwards, my cravings had gone and I felt the best I had in years.

About a year later I had a reoccuring injury that prevented me going to the gym, I had surgery earlier this year to fix it and now weighing at a hefty 96kg at 23% bf Im in dire need for another round of VD… :wink:

This time though ill be using a partial Metabolic Drive and whatever I can afford. I was gonna go the full MD route, but bought 3 tubs off the NZ Biotest website for a whopping $260NZD only to find out they were tiny 1kg tubs thatll last 3 days each at 2scoops per serving, Ive been taking one scoop pershake at the moment just to conserve them.

Anyway im on day 2 at the moment, everythings going well, no hunger pangs, only cravings for meat. My body is already tuning into V-Diet mode and im getting hungry every 3 hours.

Anyway im looking foward to my solid meal, will post some current pics up tommorow


Don’t let Chris hear you saying this. If it isn’t Metabolic Drive then it isn’t the V-Diet. Good luck all the same…

Maybe the first round wasnt, but this time im doing it with mostly Metabolic Drive so Ill have a chance to compare the end results with my previous ones…

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