Doing Indigo-3G Again

I was on Indigo-3G for almost a year but I haven’t been on Indigo-3G for a while due to being out of the gym. Been planning on returning and want to hit the ground running. I was wondering what is recommended for a second go at Indigo-3G, another 8 weeks on full dose or less time needed?

Thanks for your help.

If you were on full-dose <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G for an extended period of time before, then you may be able to just start with maintenance dose, taken before workout nutrition or the biggest/carbiest meal of the day if it’s an off day. Now, what I would personally do is at least a week or two of full dosage, just to kick things off, then back down to maintenance.

I think a couple weeks full dose sounds great,just to kick start everything like you said. Thanks for your input!

@Chris_Sugart How big is a “maintenance dose”? 4?

Thanks! I just finished my first week of it Indigo-3G taking 6 a day. : )

I’ve been on Indigo about one year at full dose.
This is the first I’ve heard of maintenance dose. How much is considered a maintenance dose?
Does it vary by weight? etc.

This thread is from a few years ago when the Indigo-3G formula was slightly different. When it first came out, up to 12 caps per day was suggested to start, followed by a smaller dose for “maintenance”.

But… the formula has been refined and improved over time, like all Biotest products. The label dose of 4-6 caps per day every day is the most current and most efficient suggested dose.

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