Does this Schedule Look Okay?

This seems to be working okay, but I want other eyes on it to make sure I’m not messing up. Here’s my schedule:

0530 - Wake up
0600 - Hot-Rox + EP Minerals
0630 - NEPA to work (~ 1 Mile)
0815 - 2 Scoop Shake + Fish Oil
1130 - 1 Scoop Plazma
1145 - Work out + 1 Scoop Plazma
1300 - 1 Scoop Mag-10
1330 - 2 Scoop Shake
1630 - 2 Scoop Shake
1800 - 1 Scoop Mag-10
1830 - HSM

Does anyone see any problems with this? I’ve taken 2 Scoops out and substituted Mag-10, just because 8 Scoops makes me feel a bit ill. I can stomach it if it’s a major issue, it’s just easier to substitute a couple Mag-10 servings.

Thank you for your support!

No one has any feedback? Thoughts?

Looks fine to me. Checkout my V-Diet blog V-Diet Log Starting 2/22/2016 While Doing CrossFit

I followed a similar schedule. I would wake up at 0500 and immediately take the Hot-Rox, Alpha Male, and Indigo 3g with 1 scoop of MD.

The Mag-10 sounds good to me but it’ll introduce more carbs into your diet. I don’t know your stats. You may be able to handle more carbs. But the low carbs that are prescribed on the V-Diet is one of the ways that you shed weight fast. I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks on the V-Diet doing everything by the book except I was doing CrossFit 3-4 times a week with a few extra lifting sessions mixed in.

Good luck!


Thanks, Joe. I appreciate the feedback. Since the V-diet workouts aren’t all that intense, maybe I don’t need the recovery Mag-10 post workout.

I am going with the theory of what the T-Nation guys (specifically Shugart) have said in that the Mag-10 carbs aren’t your run of the mill carb.

I test out using the pre-HSM shot and let you know how it goes in 4 weeks :wink:

Thanks for the feedback!


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