Does Mag-10 Need to be Refrigerated?


I have two question related to Mag-10.

  1. Does it need to be refrigerated after mixing, or can it sit at room temperature, and if so, for how long? The reason I ask it I want to have some in the middle of the night if/when I get up to pee; I’ve been keeping it cold, but it makes me really cold when trying to go back to sleep!

  2. If you have Mag-10, do you ever really need conventional protein shakes anymore!?


Presuming room temperature isn’t, like, 70+ degrees and it’s sitting there most of the day, no problem. Keeping pre-mixed Mag-10 bedside is pretty common and it’s what more than a few people do. Don’t worry about it. Ha, I actually throw one down right before bed since I get up enough to pee no matter what.

“Need”? Nope, not really. The protein efficiency of hydrolyzed casein is much higher than most other protein sources, so even though it’s “only” 20g protein per serving, your body is putting more of it to use so it can have a much stronger impact than a larger serving of whey or some other shake. This article does explain the what, when, and why for using different types of protein.

I do still keep Metabolic Drive on hand to make protein pancakes and whatnot. And sometimes you just get in the mood for a icy blender bomb with chocolate Metabolic Drive, a spoon of peanut butter, and half a banana. MD works perfect for those. :smiley:


cough Mag-10 slushie cough


I thought about right before bed, but I’m eating dinner around 8 and going to bed at 9, so I’m figuring since I get up around 3, that sort of counts as my first pulse of the day!

And yeah, I was thinking the protein is still good for use in recipes. My go-to is to combine it with greek yogurt and maybe little peanut butter, it’s pretty simple and tastes great.


I almost thought of that! For some reason I use the lime flavor with Mag-10; Plazma I will use the different flavors.


For the longest time, I had to make Mag-10 with lime and Plazma with lemon.

Had to.