Does Indigo-3G Keep You Up At Night?

Michelle asks:

I am considering ordering Indigo-3G® as I just started a program and was recommended to start taking this along with your Plazma™. My only question is, does this supplement keep you up at night because most of my training sessions are normally at 5:30pm and need my sleep.

Michelle, there’s nothing in Indigo that should keep you awake. It’s taken pre-workout but it’s not “a pre-workout” the way most people think of the term, like some caffeine-blasted stimulant overload. Indigo is taken before training to allow your workout nutrition (Plazma) to basically do a more effective job.

If you train at 5:30, you’ll be taking the Indigo around 4:45/5:00, and then starting Plazma around 5:15 ideally, so you’ll be all set. No worries at all. There’s a bigger chance of your workout itself keeping you awake than anything to do with Indigo.

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