Do You Calorie Count?

with an app, on your laptop, anything like that? i’ve had great success cutting sub 10% bodyfat, but now that I’m here (and want to somewhat maintain), i’m also venturing out to some of your tasty clean recipes. For the most part i count everything i eat in a day in the fat secret app, but some things are just hard to figure out. for example, i had the parmesan chicken fingers, but have no clue how much almond flour it was rolled up in with for each one. All I did was assume that when I weighed the cooked breaded chicken at say 8 ounces, it was more like 7 oz chicken with the other 1 oz being from the bread. Therefore, I just added 1 serving of almond flour to my calorie counter.

Ultimately, it seems as long as you are certain you’re meeting your protein/fat minimums, as long as you have a general ballpark idea (within 2-400 calories) of where you need to be, train hard, and eat fully clean foods, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. How do you feel on this subject?

No, I typically don’t count calories. Choose good foods within a few “rules” and the body auto-regulates and it becomes easy to tweak food intake for your goals as body-awareness increases.

Of course, a competitive physique athlete may need to do this close to contest time, because he or she is seeking what amounts to an unnaturally lean state for a temporary period of time, but most people really don’t need to, unless they’re the type that think low-fat Oreos are good for you.

It’s good to read labels and count macros and calories if you never have before, because you learn a ton from a food log. But once someone is experienced and has some self-control, there’s no real need for day-to-day living. Plus, as you’ve seen, it’ll drive you bat-shit crazy when you try to cook anything other than a dry chicken beast.

Then, you take care of workout nutrition and the rest of solid food intake usually just falls into place. As I always say, you shouldn’t have to pull out a calculator and a scale every time you have a meal.

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