DM's V Diet Journey

All right gang, I’m going all in. I just started my V-Diet journey Friday morning, July 12.

Starting stats:
Age- 49.5
Ht - 5-11
Starting wt - 209#

Tale of the tape (in inches):
Neck - 16 1/2
Shoulders - 45
Chest - 42 1/4
Waist (above navel) - 38
Waist (Navel) - 38 1/2
Waist (below navel) - 37.75
Hips - 38 3/8
Upper arm -15 1/4 ®; 15 (L)
Upper Leg - 25 1/2 ® ; 24 3/4 (L)
Knee - 18 3/4 ® ; 17 3/8 (L)
Calf - 16 ® ; 15 3/4 (L)

I’m tired of being a barrel with legs, so my main target is the waist and spare tire that doesn’t want to go away.
Normal routine pre-diet has been Lifting 4 x week (Legs, Chest/shoulder, Back, arms split) fasted 30 min walking 6 x week
Also of shock was the disparity in my leg measurements. My quads are 3/4 inch difference and knees have 1 3/8 inch difference in mass. Helps explain why my squats suck. Measuring really opened my eyes here.

I’ll be doing the advance workout and v-burn.

Day 1 - Friday
Followed diet to a T with the below exceptions:

  • added 1 spoon instant coffee to breakfast shake
  • may have missed 1 Flameout, but can’t remember
  • only 1 serving Plazma for workout

Finished my existing program with last day arm workout
3 superset groups of Tris/Bis - fairly easy workout so only went with one Plazma serving
I’ll start the V Diet Advanced on Monday, but wanted to get started on the diet portion right away.

NEPA walk done (not much of change from the norm as I walk the dog first thing each AM fasted. Two miles in about 30 min)

Day 1 HSM:
6oz Top Round - trimmed lean, grilled and cubed
3/4 cup cooked jasmine rice
1/4 red bell pepper (diced)
6oz zucchini (basically whole zuke weighed raw)
~1/8 of yellow onion (diced)
~2 cups baby spinach
Cook it all up together
Food calculator had everything come in just below 700cals

Day 1 Notes:
Slight headache all day
Definitely missed chewing by the afternoon after 3 shakes
Received word I won a big contract at work after losing most of my portfolio over the last 6 months. Would have celebrated with some Bourbon if I had waited for a Monday start.

Day 2 Saturday - no workout day
Full diet compliance - much easier today.
Added 1 spoon instant coffee to morning shake.
No desire for chewing today.
Point of emphasis - don’t hang around in the kitchen while other people are cooking.

NEPA done. Had a lot of additional walking today running errands and down to a local blues concert at the park.

Day 2 HSM:
6oz Top Round - trimmed lean, grilled and cubed
3/4 cup cooked jasmine rice
1/4 red bell pepper (diced)
7 oz zucchini (basically whole zuke weighed raw)
~1/8 of yellow onion (diced)
~2 cups baby spinach
Cook it all up together
This is pretty much how I ate pre-diet twice a day sans zuke and onion, but more rice.

Day 2 Notes:
Still had slight headache all day. Less than day 1 though.
Had calf cramping in right leg in early AM and stuck around all day. I am dropping my sodium with the reduction in meals. Is this common?

Also of note on Day 2:

  • noticed I was starting to feel full about half way through eating HSM
  • just realized non workout HSM should be 600 cals or less. I went a little over since I was thinking my ceiling was 700

Day 3 Sunday - no workout day
Full diet compliance - shakes are about every 8 hrs
Added 1 spoon instant coffee to morning shake.
Made breakfast for my son and buddy that stayed over. Bacon and eggs had no effect on me. Fully satisfied from breakfast shake.

NEPA done fasted this morning.

Day 3 HSM:
5oz Top Round - trimmed lean, grilled and cubed
1 package of vegan fettucine noodles from veg section. 30 calories for whole package and 10g carbs.
1/4 red bell pepper (diced)
7 oz zucchini (weighed raw)
~1/8 of yellow onion (diced)
~2 cups baby spinach
Cook it all up together
Pasta substitute was pretty good. Not as dense as normal pasta and had some stretch. But took on flavor of everything else. Good substitute but a little pricey.
With this being non-workout day, really focused on keeping HSM under 600 cals.

Day 3 Notes:
Still had slight headache all day. Less than days 1 and 2 though.
Had calf cramping in both legs in early AM this time.
GPP activity mowing lawns at the house. Really wanted a cold kombucha afterwards since it was a hot one today. Stayed in line though…cruising so far

Advanced questions on workout starting tomorrow:
I want to confirm dips and pull-ups are weighted to match Heavy (4-5 reps) load for the Advanced workout? I’m planning on it being the case.

typo - shakes are ~ every 3 hrs

Day 4 Monday - Workout day
Full diet compliance - shakes were a little spread out due to work levels

NEPA done fasted this morning.

Day 4 HSM:
8oz chicken breast
3/4 cup jasmine rice
1/4 red bell pepper (diced)
4 oz zucchini (weighed raw) - son ate the rest for lunch before my HSM :frowning:
~1/8 of yellow onion (diced)
~2 cups baby spinach
Cook it all up together

Day 4 Notes:
Headache started about 3pm today, just before mid-afternoon shake. Went away after shake.
May have stacked the mid-afternoon shake and pre-workout Plazma serving too close together (45 minutes apart maybe). Felt a little bloated going in.
Huge eye opener in gym today - heavy load of 4-5 reps on a low carb caloric surplus was rough. I haven’t been that winded and running on empty since the military days. Was empty when complete.
HSM tonight was like water on a dry sponge. Felt good.
I’m not chasing the scale, so I haven’t weighed in since start. I definitely feel tighter around the mid section.
I don’t expect much change through the rest of the week regarding lifts, compliance, and HSM.
I’ll just check in with weekly tape measurements unless anyone has comments or questions.

Day 9 Check In

Diet is going well. No issues following protocol.
Cravings revolve more around wanting to eat/chew solid food from about lunchtime on. No cravings for processed foods or sweets - just whole food. HSM is something I look forward to daily.

Updated Stats after 7 days:
Starting wt - 209#
End of week 1 - 202#; down 7 pounds

Tale of the tape (in inches):
Neck - 16 1/2 Wk 1 - 16 1/8; loss of 3/8"
Shoulders - 45 Wk 1 - 46; plus 1"
Chest - 42 1/4 Wk 1 - 43 1/4; plus 1"
Waist (above navel) - 38 Wk 1 - 38; no change
Waist (Navel) - 38 1/2 Wk 1 - 38 1/2; no change
Waist (below navel) - 37.75 Wk 1 - 38; plus 1/4" (I suspect measurement site inconsistency here by the wife)
Hips - 38 3/8 Wk 1 - 37 3/4; minus 5/8" (I suspect measurement site inconsistency here by the wife)
Upper arm -15 1/4 ®; 15 (L) Wk 1 - 14 7/8; minus 3/8" ®; 15" no change (L)
Upper Leg - 25 1/2 ® ; 24 3/4 (L) Wk 1 - 25 3/8" minus 1/8" ®; 24 1/2" minus 1/4" (L)
Knee - 18 3/4 ® ; 17 3/8 (L) Wk 1 - 18 1/4" minus 1/2" ®; 17 3/4" plus 3/8" (L)
Calf - 16 ® ; 15 3/4 (L) Wk 1 - 15 3/4" minus 1/4" ®; 15 1/4" minus 1/2" (L)

Hopefully the stats don’t com out in a jumble in formatting.

Very surprised in measurements around waist. Feels much tighter but numbers indicate no change yet
Reductions appear to be hitting my lower body and neck first.
Don’t look how far away the finish line is. Focusing on a week and day at a time is the way to go.
I never realized how much food related content I have via the web. I’m a foodie at heart and like to cook. Food and recipe threads show up consistently in my feeds. Reminds me of when I was going through survival training. Cadre provided us new coordinates at a drop site written on the back of a local steakhouse’s take-out menu. After 3 days of no food, we just passed that thing around and talked about what we were going to eat when we got out of there. Dick move by the cadre but funny at the same time. respect

Quick add - Day 7 measurements were made after only having done 2 of the workouts to that point. I completed the 3rd workout and V Burn challenge since, and the V burn turns this up to 11. I was sweating like crazy after that and my upper core is still feeling it on Day 11.

This is a solid mindset, for sure.

That’s hysterical… and terrible… but mostly hysterical.

Keep doing your thing, man. Sounds like you’re right on track.

Thanks Chris! Feeling solid this week. All routine now…

End of Week 2 check in:

Tale of the Tape update:

Weight: 200# Down total of 9 pounds since start

Day 15 measurements:
Neck - 16 1/8; total loss of 3/8" (no change from last week)
Shoulders - 47; total plus 2"
Chest - 42 1/4; no change from start
Waist (above navel) - 37 1/4; loss of 3/4" this week
Waist (Navel) - 37 3/4; loss of 3/4" this week
Waist (below navel) - 37 1/2; loss of 1/4" this week
Hips - 39 1/8 (weekly measurement site inconsistency here by the wife)
Upper arm -15 R; 14 3/4 (L); loss of 1/4" on each
Upper Leg - 25 1/2 R; 24 1/2 (L); total loss of 1/4" on left thigh
Knee - 17 3/4 R ; 17 (L); total loss of 1" R and 3/8" L
Calf - 15 1/2 R ; 15 3/4 (L); total loss of 1/2" on right, no loss on left

Happy to see reduction on my stomach and waist started this past week
First week fat loss was all in my neck, knees, and thighs
I am very surprised to see steady increase in shoulder measurements. Visually it has looked like my upper body was getting smaller overall

Diet and Program notes:
Diet has remained on point with the following exceptions -
Work has been 15 hour days+ in standing up a new 50 employee contract. As a result, based on the amount of time between shake #3 and Plazma on workout days, I stayed at 1 serving Plazma on Monday and Tuesday, all intra WO during exercise. I don’t like the bloat when the shake and pre WO Plazma are too close together. Had no noticeable effects on performance in the gym this week as a result.
Thursday was the first time since Day 1 where I actually had hunger cravings during the day. Normally, I’m fine between shakes, but this was even after just having a shake. No issues before or since.
I missed one shake yesterday (Friday) due to work schedule but was able to get both Plazma servings in. This has been the only one I’ve missed thus far.
There has been a noticeable physical change in energy levels this week for the positive. In the first 3 days of the diet, workouts were exhausting between sets due to the caloric differences. I was like, “Holy shit…breath breath…this sucks” on the 30 second rest intervals. This week has been almost the opposite. No issues with recovery between sets, no drag and actually wanting to do more.
On a negative side, my arthritis in both shoulders has been rough this week. It may be due to the work tension and the amount of time in front of my computer as the main culprits. Hasn’t impacted lifts in the gym, just ache and burn in general.

Just passed the half way point. Day 16 is today with 12 to go. Happy with diet and the ease of the shakes is actually a blessing with my work tempo.
What is the recommendation on wanting to do more in the gym (or 1-2 more V Burns) during the week? Energy systems feel good but I’m warry to deviate - “Follow the program as prescribed” is what echoes when I consider it…

End of Week 3 check in:

Tale of the Tape update:

Weight: 195# Down total of 14 pounds since start

Day 22 measurements:
Neck - 16 1/8; total loss of 3/8" (no change from last week)
Shoulders - 47 1/4; total plus 2 1/4"
Chest - 42 1/4; no change from start
Waist (above navel) - 34 5/8; loss of 3 3/8" total
Waist (Navel) - 37 1/2; loss of 1" total
Waist (below navel) - 35 1/2; loss of 2 1/4" total
Hips - 40 3/8 (weekly measurement site inconsistency here by the wife, completely dependent on how much of my ass is wrapped by the tape); +2" total from V start
Upper arm -14 3/8 R; 13 7/8 (L); loss of 7/8" R and 1 1/8" L
Upper Leg - 23 5/8 R; 23 (L); total loss of 1 7/8" R and 1 3/4" L thigh
Knee - 18 R ; 17 1/4 (L); total loss of 3/4" R and 1/8" L
Calf - 15 1/4 R ; 15 5/8 (L); total loss of 3/4" on right, 1/8" loss on left

Wife is out of town this week, so my oldest boy was on tape measurement duty.
Definitely the most inconsistent part of this has been the measuring. It has been hard to see good numbers, which is frustrating when working at this so hard.
In general however, the trends are there. I’m leaning out in extremities (arms, legs, and neck first - followed by stomach last).
Diet has remained consistent. Missed one shake this week. Also missed pre-workout Plazma serving twice due to proximity of hake before training.
Rest times on the workouts are getting shorter (20 seconds this week). My Day 2 workout was very hard this week. Hard as in my muscles felt wrecked and weak in a way that wasn’t exhausted from shortened intervals. - if that makes sense. It’s hard to describe the sensation accurately but it was a grind. I was absolutely drained post workout until about an hour after my HSM that day.
My out of bed AM urine has become very cloudy and dark the last 4ish days as well. Think like chicken broth/chicken noodle soup (without the parts and pieces of course). Calves are back to cramping and my left hand was cramping mid-set on CG bench yesterday. Urine clarity and color goes back to norm throughout the day when shakes start. Definitely need to add more water into the day on this.
Oh, and my 4-5 rep max when lifting by myself with 20 sec rest periods is ALOT lower than when I started 3 weeks ago. That ish gets heavy quick.
Sounds like a horror story above, but in general I feel pretty good. Those are just the things that stick out this week. Five days and a wake up to go on the diet. Almost home!

And an additional caveat on the day 2 grind workout above, that was with both the preWO and intraWO Plazma servings that day too. That is the 8-9 rep max day (35 sec rests) for 40 total reps. Muscles didn’t feel like failure from fatigue…but more like failure due to muscles breaking down - if that makes sense. Post workout was brutal exhaustion for about 2.5 hours. Not scary like marathon runner weaving and collapse at the finish scary, but just good old fashioned whooped tired and make one of those sweat angels on the gym floor crossfitters used to post all the time.

Quick check in:

I’ve added more water intake and doubled the amount (500ml up to 1L) of water with my WO Plazma. Had a great workout Monday. Day 1 Advanced with rest time down to 15 sec. That’s enough time to let go of the bar , shake things out and go again. Had a real good lather worked up and felt great.

Day 30
V Diet Complete

Final Stats:
Body Weight lost - 14 pounds

Tale of the Tape:

Final Thoughts:
It’s bittersweet to be done. As far as the metrics go, I’m pleased with the numbers and weight loss. I think I’m actually quite down on myself today based on the before and after photos I have. Not because of the diet, but probably the reality check of just how high my bodyfat was (is) and how low my muscle mass really is at my age. It’s a good wakeup call though and the V Diet has been a good teacher. There are fundamental truths I know now that started with the imbalances exposed in my initial measurements to the ending photos of what remains after 15# of fat loss. My wife has been praising the results since I clearly had an expectation going in of greater results. She suggested I take a month off and go again, committing to do it with me. Sounds like a great deal to me.

The Diet
I actually enjoyed the diet itself. It was incredibly convenient for my job intensity this last month.
Things I would do different next time:
Drink more water. I need to drink more water between shakes consistently to stay hydrated and the wife believes could help even more fat loss.
Superfood. One order of Superfood isn’t enough for a full V Diet run at 2 scoops a day - it ran out somewhere in the 3rd week. Get a second Superfood.

Personal Take aways:
I thought I was eating clean and getting after it in the gym before I started. Had a little belly, but overall on the right track.
Reality is, total bodyfat was a lot higher and muscle mass a lot lower at almost 50 years old, multiple surgeries, double hernia mesh repair, thyroid issues, and arthritis. I’m honestly a little embarrassed with my before/after photos. I have work to do.
Portion sizes. Really good eye opener here. My HSMs were essentially what I was eating before, just more refined. I realize I was eating for Macros en mass. Now its more about micro nutrients after this run. The drop in carbs and fats (even though they were clean - rice, olive oil, egg yolks, etc) are a game changer.
V Burns - this by far was the thing that made each week. The first V Burn did exactly that - burn. These were the most challenging, and what would always drive the most noticeable visual change after. Seemed like the week would just go by, but once the V Burn was done, that’s when all the loss for that week would kick in visually the next day. At least that’s how it felt. Conditioning ala Brian Alsruhe and Joe Szat will be standard in my programming going forward to keep it going.

Wrap Up -
Physically I feel very good. I was enjoying how my clothes were fitting. I have a good reality check on what my training priorities will be going forward and how my diet needs to adjust from before the diet’s start. As mentioned above, I am dealing with some hypothyroid issues and starting a new doc in 2 weeks. I pulled fresh labs the day after I finished and am excited to see how everything looks post V Diet.
I know lots of folks seemed to be following along in the shadows and here’s to you. I hope all of this can help anyone considering doing the diet. It’s awesome. Don’t wait because it works as advertised. I’ll definitely be back for round 2 with my wife.

Get after it,


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Strong work, man. Good job getting it done. Dropping inches off the waist and building the shoulders/chest should defintiely improve the taper and give a solid look. Up for sharing the before/after pics?

If you want to run it again after a bit, that’s no problem at all. Some folks find it (relatively) easier since the experience overall isn’t new, so it’s just about focusing on the consistency itself and not “learning” what to do.

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