I’m a major fan of biotest: I take micro-PA/Indigo daily and love the results it gives me. I also take AlphaMale if I’m feeling a bit down - loss of libido, lack of energy, etc. and it works nicely.

Recently I ordered Plazma and was so excited to try it. All I can say is - what a dud. I used two scoops, mixed the night before to let the foam settle down, and the taste (lemon) wasn’t too bad. I started sipping it 15 minutes before my workout and the rest during. It did nothing. I tried it again and again over the course of a week, nothing.

My normal pre-workout of a fistful of ON BCAA caps, 8g of citrulline malate, and 4.5g of beta alanine all give me better workouts than Plazma: endurance, pump, strength, etc.

Just giving my feedback, not putting my hand out for a refund or anything, just think cheaper ingredients in the right dose do a better job than Plazma

I’m really surprised by that. Plazma does contain citrulline and hydrolyzed casein (which is much more effective and efficient than BCAAs), along with a bunch of other ingredients specifically for performance, hydration, etc.

The only big difference is the beta alanine which Plazma doesn’t contain. It’s usually associated with a more tangible feeling, so I’d like to chalk it up primarily to that. Doing the same type of workouts, too?

Is that all you were taking before - just BCAA caps, citrulline, and beta alanine? Nothing beyond those three things (not a pre-workout mix, caffeine, etc.)? It’s just really strange, like, “I had a slice of buttered toast for breakfast and I was stuffed. For a while I had a 5-egg omelet and a cup of oatmeal but was still hungry, so I’ll stick with just the toast.” What you felt is what you felt, I just haven’t heard it before and I literally can’t imagine why it would be.

That’s the thing, though. I’ve never seen it work out cheaper to get the same ingredients in the same doses. Trying to Frankenstein together a homemade formula always ends up sacrificing on the quality, dose, and/or ingredients compared to the Plazma formula.

There is always the 30-day 100% money-back guarantee for the first time trying a product. I know Biotest stands by their products like that. More info here:


Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful reply. I never take other pre-workouts or caffeine (makes me feel like I’m on crack). So my regular pre-workout is exactly what I described. I chalk it up to everyone’s body being different, so Plazma just didn’t do it for me. Beta alanine might be the difference, but who knows.

Either way you have me hooked on micro pa and indigo!

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