DING! DING! V-Diet Round 2!

OKâ?¦ below are the results from Round 1 of my V-Diet. As you can see from my pics there is considerable work yet to be done. Thus, Round 2 has begun today. I am very confident that I have licked the food cravings and bad habits that led to my physical state to begin with so it is not going to be a problem to continue with my transformation.

I have lost and additional 1 �¾â?? since day 28 of V-Diet 1 though no additional lbs. I am human so my choices have not been 100% perfect however I have not gained anything back that I lost. DING!DING! RD 2!

Height - 6’
weight - 274.5…250.5… -24 lbs
neck - 18"… 17"… -1"
shoulders - 56"… 53"… -3"
upper chest - 51.5"… 48"… -3.5"… -1"
lower chest - 47"… 44"… -3"â?¦… -1/4"
waist/navel - 48"… 44"… -4"â?¦… -1/2"
waist/belt - 44.5"… 42"… -2.5"
hips - 46"… 43"… -3"
arm left - 15.5"… 16"… +.5"
arm right - 15.5"… 16"… +.75"
thigh left - 27"… 26"… -1"
thigh right - 26.75… 26"… -.75"
calf left - 17"… 16.5"… -.5"
calf right - 17.5"… 17"… -.5"
ankle left - 10.25"…10"… -.25"
ankle right - 10.25"… 10.25"… 0

24 lbs and 26-3/4" of LARD down the drain!



Did I mention that I still had work to do? Well, its on! If you are really interested in what I started at, check out the first log that my wife and I did together at ‘Pissed Off Pair’ in this forum. Thanks in advance for all of the support that I know will be offered. Good luck to everyone!


OK… day 1 in the books… agaain! Same ole shakes… same ole diet. Start work outs tomorrow. Too rainy here today for any NEPA… we do need the rain. As much as I was NOT looking forward to the first V-Diet, I AM looking forward to this one. I know that there will be results and am already planning the next ‘phase’ of my complete transformation. At this point it is an all or nothing deal. I am taking this all the way to a NEW me! Good luck to all in their quests for whatever it is you are looking for!


Hey Nolan,

With such wonderful results the first time, you’ve got to be really motivated to see it happen again…Good job and good luck!!!



Just thought I’d drop you a line and throw some encouragement your way! I always enjoy seeing the results of people who are truly motivated to succeed with the V-Diet! The diet, along with a regular exercise program will transform your body for sure! All the best in reaching your fitness goals! I will be tracking your progress along the way!


Day 2 in the books… Work out went well… pushed it beyond the requirements… Radical goals require radical measures! Peanut butter never tasted so good… I do love that first bite when the jar is first opened…yum! Good luck to all that stop by!

Tim… from Abilene??


[quote]narives wrote:

Tim… from Abilene??

Nolan [/quote]

Yes sir! Abilene, TX is home for me… Kick Butt tomorrow on day three of your journey!

Should be a better ride this time around without the injury. The weight training makes or breaks the V-Diet. Good luck, ol’ chap.

Day 3 SUCKED… again. No energy. HOT-ROX timing was a little off and I felt like crap late in the day. I did discover something that may save my life. I had never mixed my evening peanut butter in with a shake. Tonight I had a heavenly Reeses Peanut Butter cup shake. WOW! Talk about a great flavor! I am hooked! Thanks to all that have stopped by and offered encouragement and great successes to all V-Dieters that read this!


In an attempt to end day 3, I took 2 of my wifes Z-12. Let me just say if you are herbal/chemical sensitive DO NOT TAKE 2! My wife tells me that I was jabbering in my sleep (I never do this) and I did wake up during the night only to feel like I was being forced to lay there by some unseen force. WOW Next time I will just take 1.

Day 4 is great. The mirrors and tape measures wont lie to you! I will post measurements and weight after week 1. Success breeds success. The more you have, the more you want!

Really looking forward to my workout tonight…

Till tomorrow… good luck all!


Day 4 workout and HSM in the books. Physically feeling better. Out doors NEPA was not an option due to the rain so… I did some ‘relaxing’ kettle bell swings after my work out.

I discovered another shake additive (I have not seen it in the forums anyway)… Un-sweetened Kool-Aid. Black Cherry adds a great taste to vanilla MD!

For the record and all that read this… I am gonna ROCK this diet! Confidence… Committed! Good luck to all that stop by and much success!


Day 5 has come again… and its still ‘the same ole shakes and the same ole diet’. NO!!! Its NOT the same ole shakes! The Kool-Aid additives have given my shakes a whole new flavor and a whole new look- pink! If you ever get bored, as I am sure some people do, try it you just might like it. I dont know if I will ever have a straight vanilla shake again. So here is a breakdown of my shake flavors per time of day. Morning… Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie… chocolate with peppermint extract. Both mid day shakes… vanilla with black cherry to taste (not only a great flavor but cuts the sweet as well). For dinner… Reeses Peanut butter Cup… delish!

I am enjoying the LOOKS from unsuspecting folks that I have not seen in a while. Some ask, some dont. But they ALL stare!

I can cook for the family this time around. My kids had to fend for themselves during round 1 as the wife and I were both avoiding food.

Oh… and I need a new belt! LOL

Continued success to all that stop by!

Yay for the new belt! How exciting! Keep up the good work!

Mid way through day 7 I am feeling ‘different’. I am feeling as if there is some body composition changes a happenin’. Feeling a little tighter. Not feeling necessarily ‘lighter’ (weigh tomorrow morning) but the ‘mirror dont lie’.

I am going to take weekly pics this time and post them at the end. My cravings for CRAP were busted on the first round however every time my wife grabs a handful of almonds I want to bite her fingers off to get one! Craving a good thing cant be all bad…lol. Planning a HUGE Chefs Salad this week for my HSM. Good luck to everyone that stops by and continued success…



As of this morning… 6 lbs lost the first week. Looking forward to my workout tonight and already planning my HSM for the week… Cobb Salad w/ sliced (lean) brisket on the side. I am really enjoying my new shake flavors (see earlier posts). That is what is keeping me going this time around. The monotony just about whipped me in round one. Mixing the flavors up this time will definitely be the key. Thanks for stoping by. Good luck and continued success to all…



Take 2!? Gotta hand it to you… that shows some real fortitude. Keep up the fight!

Are you sure that the camera only adds 20 lbs? In my case, it seems that it may be the former fastfood addiction! It’s only Day 2 for me… but I’ve read the VDiet has a way of breaking old habits for good.

Great idea with weekly pics! you have inspired me!
You’re doing AWESOME! Keep it up!

Thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful words. I am sincerely glad that I have helped. Inspirational ??? Wow… nver been called that before! Thanks. Buff… make it happen. you have a great base to build on. Thanks to all that stop by and continued success to all!



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