**Ding**Ding** Round 2

Name is Adam,
This is my second go round with the V-Diet. I did it last in February of '09 and had such amazing results that I made a pact with myself to do it each year, as a test to my will power and a way to help get my eating habits in check…I’m generally very conscious of what I put in my body but over the coarse of 12 months it seems that slowly but surely I start to let myself eat poorly more frequently…maybe starting at once a month and ending the year at once a week or sometimes twice.

I’m currently on my second day. I’m a competitive fighter and we are in peak training right now. I know that we are only to do the exercises and NEPA outlined by the diet however I have too many teammates counting on me for me to not be at our fight academy. Yesterday I trained for 3.5hrs in the evening while sipping my Surge. I felt great the whole time, started to get a little gassed in our sparring sessions at the end of the 3 hrs but that was expected. Today I just did my NEPA walk and had to do it indoor since its very rainy out.
Wish the best to all of you out there trying it for the first time.

Haven’t been here in awhile but was just looking through my V-diet journal from last Feb and noticed you were going at it again. Been thinking about it myself.

Anyway good luck with round two.

what up bro! Welcome back and I’ll be doing my round two here next week! Awesome to see you here again.


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