Diluting Plazma?

Hello Chris,

If I fill a 1 Liter bottle with water and 2 servings of Plazma, after consuming the first serving (drinking 500 ml) is it okay to refill the bottle with water before heading to the gym, or should I just leave the remaining mixture (500 ml) and sip that throughout my workout? I’m wondering if it’s possible to dilute the solution, which I’d like to avoid. In which case, I won’t re-fill the bottle after the pre-loaded serving. Thanks; this is probably a weird question, but I’m curious.

Yes, that’s fine. All of the directions for water amounts for <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma and other supplements like Mag-10 are minimals, meaning you can add more or dilute past that if you want.

Awesome, thanks.

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