Diluting Plazma?

So, I’m about to start using Plazma after going with a generic HBCD and Peptopro blend for a while. I’ve got 4 bottles of Plazma ready to go so it should get me through a bit.
I’m currently used to drinking 1000-1500ml during training, and the Plazma label says to mix 1 serving with about 750ml. Is there any way I can dilute that further to 1000ml? I will be going up to 2 servings after a week or two, but in the meantime I’ll just be using one “Serving”.
And I searched some other threads about adding creatine mono to Plazma and it seems OK, is that still the opinion?

Yes, it’s fine to use more water than called for per serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. It’s also fine to add pure creatine to Plazma, but nothing else. Just make sure it’s high quality with nothing added, like this: <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Monohydrate.

Yep, it’s the Biotest mono. Thanks.

Fine to combine that creatine (or the malate) to MAG-10 also?

[quote]Saeufer wrote:
Fine to combine that creatine (or the malate) to Mag-10 also?[/quote]

Yes, no problem.

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