Differrent Exercise Instead of

the lat pull down? i just dont happen to have that machince avaliable to me on my current deployment. is there a diffrent way i could do it on another machine?

other than that i would have to say i am on day three of my diet and i am enjoying it! other than seeing all these othere people actually able to eat food. i still get cravings to eat something solid but i am not actually hungry which surprised me.

If you only have access to barbells and dumbbells, sub in some type of row or partner assisted pull-up.

alright one more question is it ok to use italian dressing with our HSM? the chicken tends to be rather dry out here at our DFAC so i figured i would try and make it a bit better.

Most pre-made dressings are full of things like extra sugar and bad fats that you’ll want to avoid. Check the ingredient list if you have access to it. Go for plain olive oil, vinegar, and pepper flakes if you can.

Also most of those dressings have crappy soy oil in them too.

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