Different Weight Training

Hey Chris,

I’ve recently started the V-Diet about a week ago and had a question about the weight training aspect.

I realize the program designed is more Metabolic resistance training which I get, but I was wondering if I could switch it out for slower style muscle building system where I would train about 5 days a week with emphasis on all individual muscle groups.

Main reason I ask is because that is the program that has caused me to build the most muscle and I feel like I’m losing muscle as I do this type of current training of 3 days a week compound movements. There’s a few of the moves I can’t do exactly correctly to my 4-5 rep max like squats and deadlifts mainly from pre-existing injuries so I was hoping I could drop the weight down and up the time under tension.

Is this a reasonable substitute or should I just try to stick with the training outlined? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Two things first:

  1. Many people losing fat think they’re losing muscle. On the V-Diet this is virtually impossible given the multiple things in place to not only prevent muscle loss, but lead to muscle gain. This “I think I’m losing muscle because I’m taking up less space due to fat loss” thing has been documented many times and written about by a lot of people. So be careful of that. It’s an trap to fall into.

  2. Make sure you’re doing the suggested V-Diet workout correctly. Most people honestly don’t. Maybe we didn’t present it well, maybe they’re reading the workout outline and not the actual instructions in one of the previous tabs, not sure. Worth double checking.

But if you’d like to use your own plan that’s fine. Keep in mind that you’ll need more <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Recovery than provided when adding lifting days.

Much appreciated, Chris.

Thanks for the info.

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