Different Training With Plan?

Question before starting the plan.

I’m strongly considering starting this approach, just wanted to check something out. I’m training with a friend (who won’t be following this routine) and would ideally like to maintain our current workout schedule. I just wanted to run it past you to see if you see any difficulties, would advise against any parts of it or would suggest any amendments whilst following the Velocity diet.

I’m 6 foot tall, 268 lbs and 26% - 28% bodyfat, with a goal of getting down to somewhere around 210 - 220lbs (10-15% bf) and then taking it from there with regard to my next goal (whether to get leaner, build muscle or go for athletic performance). I’ve just lost 45 lbs in the last few months and have 50lbs or so to go. We’re also hoping to enter a whitecollar boxing match in April, providing we have lost enough weight to do be in with a chance!

Our current routine is something like a heavyweight boxer’s routine with a combination of morning runs, full body strength work and conditioning, though it is reduced somewhat to match our capabilities! It looks like this:

Monday: P.M Weights, whole body. Deadlift, Squat, Military Press, Bent over row, Bench Press, Close-grip bench press, Barbell Curl, Clean & Press. 6 reps with a moderately heavy weight, no rest, for 3 sets. While the training partner completes the circuit (which takes about 4 minutes), the other works the heavy bag. End with 10 minutes conditioning (exercises vary but include boxing, skipping, tyre flips, sprints, farmer’s walk/carries, and floor exercises - burpees etc).

Tuesday: A.M - 3.5 mile hill run

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: A.M - 3.5 mile hill run, P.M - 1 hour Conditioning Personal training session, which involves skipping, box jumps, sprints, boxing pad work, battle ropes, circuit training with light weights and floor exercises - burpees etc)

Friday: Weights & conditioning (as Monday).

Saturday: Some boxing (length varies, usually six 3 minute rounds on the heavy bag with one minute rest)

Sunday: Rest.

How does this look?

For the 10 minute conditioning after our weights sessions - Should our conditioning be based on boxing intervals (3 minutes on, 1 minute off) to help us prepare for a fight, or are we better sticking with 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off? Would the latter burn more fat? (our primary, immediate goal)


Except for the running, the plan looks doable with the V-Diet. Remember, you’re going to be taking in lower calories and lower carbs. You don’t want to burn out or lose muscle. As for conditioning, I prefer 30 on, 30 off type of approach, but the other boxing style may be better for you given the sport.

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