Different Forms of Protein

I’m sure this subject has come up before, but has Biotest considered other forms of protein?I’m talking like collegan, bone broth or veggie. I ask this because dairy is a big allergen for a lot of people, especially casein.

Those sources are all very inefficient, if not straight-out ineffective, for building muscle. Explained here:

Collagen does have plenty of other benefits, discussed here, so it’d be pretty handy if Biotest did come out with a collagen supp. (That’s not an insider tease. Just some legit wishful thinking on my part since my wife and I do take collagen pretty much daily.)

The micellar casein and whey isolate in Metabolic Drive, the hydrolyzed casein in Plazma and Mag-10 are filtered and/or broken down to drastically reduce/essentially eliminate the lactose, which improves absorption and digestibility. Many people find they don’t trigger their allergies.

Isn’t lactose intolerance different from allergies?

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