Difference between Plazma and Surge?

Is there a difference between Plazma and Surge? I’m currently taking Plazma and saw Surge became available, is one better than the other? Can you take them together? I read the info about them and they sound the same to me.

Plazma and Surge are both great, Plazma is the king though. One of the main differences is that each scoop of Plazma contains 15g of hydrolyzed protein (same as found in Mag 10), aiding recovery and muscle growth as you train, eliminating the need for any type of post workout drink. Plazma is the “one stop shop” for workout nutrition. You shouldn’t take them together/mix them, they’re designed very well and are meant to be stand alone. Especially if you’re already on Plamza, keep going with that, it’s the best of the best.

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