Dietary Violence: Xab's Story


And so it begins.

My backstory: I’ve always been fat, but it peaked during college. At my worst, I weighed 275lbs and was at least 40% body fat. 19 months later, I now weigh 215 at about 16% body fat. I’ve kicked around the idea of doing a V-Diet for a long time, and I figured now is as good of time as any to rip off the last of this fat and see my abs for the first time ever.

Day 0: My V-Diet package was scheduled to arrive Thursday afternoon but it came Wednesday morning! Had I already not had a few eggs for breakfast, I’d start today. Now I have to stare at my V-Diet package all day before I get to use it. Damn you and your unexpectedly speedy shipping, Biotest!

Tomorrow starts one hell of a big challenge. And yet, I can’t wait to start feeling the pain.


Awesome. This should be a good one to follow!


Quick update for Day 0:

I decided to go out with a bang, so to speak. I wanted a cheat meal before my V-Diet, and dammit, I was gonna have it! I went to the grocery store to get my milled flax seed for tomorrow and picked up two of those miniature containers of Ben and Jerryâ??s and ordered a pizza.

And hoooo damn was it tasty! The sauce, the cheese, the onions, all mixing together, and then the ice cream! I got cookie dough, and man I just love crunching into those little balls of dough!

And then it was over. And you know what? I wasnâ??t really impressed.

What is interesting to me is not the feeling I had during the cheat meal. No, that was expected. It doesnâ??t matter how you frame it: pizza is damn tasty. What surprised me was the feeling I had after my little cheat meal. I didnâ??t feel the least bit satisfied by it. Sure, I enjoyed the delicious blend of flavors and textures, but when it was gone, I was just left with a tummy ache and a vague sense of disappointment. And hell, I didnâ??t even touch the second miniature Ben and Jerryâ??s.

Before last night, I hadnâ??t had a bite of pizza in at least six months, probably more. I still remembered that it was delicious, but I seemed to have forgotten that itâ??s utterly devoid of nutrition.

Conversely, after I finish a big chicken breast, a bowl of broccoli and a small handful of cashews, all rounded off by a cup of frozen blueberries, I not only feel well-fed, but I feel nourished.
After a cheat meal or a normal meal, Iâ??m just as full either way. But sitting here with a belly full of pizza and a few ounces of Ben and Jerryâ??s just has me feelingâ?¦ bland and listless. And thatâ??s not how Iâ??m used to feeling.

I think the V-Diet has changed me before I even started it. Already, Iâ??m starting to grow past this whole notion of cheat meals. Frankly, I wish I had gone with a steak and a cucumber and some spinach, and thatâ??s with the knowledge that Iâ??m about to go on an almost all-liquid diet for a month.

So, Iâ??m going to take an official stance here: screw cheat meals. Screw cheat days. Screw these little concessions. Junk food is junk, and I think Iâ??m prepared to say that Iâ??ve moved past it for good. I have a feeling the V-Diet will seal the deal here.

Good nightâ?¦ tomorrow begins a big journey.


Here’s pics from day one. Disgusting, I know.

Starting weight: 220.6
Starting measurements: I effed up and didn’t have a tape. I got one today though, so I’ll provide fresh measurements tomorrow morning.

And in all fairness, I weighed 217.4 the day before… that cheat meal really packed some poundage on. Thanks glycogen stores! I’ll probably crush several pounds tonight, but after that, water weight and excess glycogen won’t be an issue.

Today was interesting. I felt off all day, but I think that had way more to do with sleep deprivation than anything else. I’ve not been sleeping right since I got to Dallas, and it’s making me eye some Z12. In the meantime, I’ll be getting to bed earlier.

I didn’t have any issues avoiding food or fighting temptation. It is odd to think that I won’t be eating regular food, and I suppose I miss it (especially cheese and nuts) but knowing what I’m gaining makes it an easy tradeoff. Plus, I’ve got HSMs to look forward to! I’m already planning the first one.

Getting back on HOT-ROX was alright. I last used it about a year ago, and while I’ve been using ECA lately, I still felt pretty buzzed. Good stuff.

Also, I gotta say: the final shake of the day, when blended with peanut butter, is DAMN tasty. That’s a nice addition and it gives me something special to look forward to every day!

Tomorrow is day 2 and my first workout on the VDiet. I can’t wait!


Today’s measurements:

Height - 6’2"
Weight - 217.2
Neck - 16.5
Shoulders - 52
Chest - Upper - 46
Chest - Lower - 43
Waist - at Navel - 36
Waist - at largest - 38.5
Hips - at largest - 41.5
Upper Arm - L - 13.5
Upper Arm - R - 13.75
Upper Leg - L - 26
Upper Leg - R - 26.5
Lower Leg - L - 15.5
Lower Leg - R - 15.5
Ankle - L - 10.5
Ankle - R - 10.5


Day 2: Not bad. I was a little hungry throughout the afternoon and especially after my first V-Diet workout, but once I got my last shakes of the day and had a few fiber tabs, I felt fine. Slept like a rock last night too!

I selected the advanced workouts. Based on their descriptions, I was on the border between intermediate and advanced, but ultimately, I figured that since I had never done most of the movements in the advanced plan, I would have more opportunity to challenge myself in unusual ways. That’s why my overhead squat topped out at 85lbs yesterday, but I think with some practice and watching lots of YouTube videos, I should be able to get a lot stronger pretty quickly.

I can definitely say that I’m noticing improvements every day. I look a little bit leaner every morning.

Today is day 3, which includes my first V-Burn Challenge. I’ll let you all know if I make it through it alive!


Congrats on Day 3 down! I just finished my photos but haven’t gotten around to loading them yet. Don’t be too upset about how you look in yours. The point is to see where you were and then be able to say, “but LOOK AT ME NOW!”

Also, great to see your sleeping well. I am headed to bed now (wrapping up day 9) and my sleep has gotten progressively worse. Well, I take that back, yesterday was my 1st HSM, I slept “better”, not rock solid, but definately better. I think it is because I am so sore all the time. I mean ALL the time. When sleeping, if I do get to sleep and I happen to roll over. WATCH OUT because I am waking up right then and there.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the response, L1frdog! I think this sleep thing has more to do with just getting myself to lay down early enough and all.

The VBurn was… disappointing. Having just done OH squats, my traps and delts were already tired, and then finding out that most of the exercises in the VBurn involved those muscles, most quite heavily, I ended up just cutting out exercises or cutting reps. At the end of it, my shoulders felt like shit and everything else felt unchallenged. I may just do my own conditioning next week, which will be Prowler pushes.

Diet-wise, I executed everything today flawlessly. I have some of those mini Babybel cheese wheels in my fridge, and I sure gave them the evil eye today, but I haven’t strayed one tiny bit. I can already taste my first HSM steak though, let me tell you!


Early update for Day 4: I weighed in at 214.2 this morning. That’s two pounds per day lost on the V-Diet! If it keeps up like this, I’m going to have to stop next week.

I know a good chunk of that was water weight and glycogen, but damn if that’s not motivating!


Good Job! Keep it Up!

hopefully you will not fall victim to the salt cravings, but if you do. Just deal best as you can. I thought I could find away around by doing a little salt suppliment. I think I darn near overdosed on sodim! cost me big in my progress, because of the water reterion it caused, but I am back on track.


[quote]Xab wrote:
Having just done OH squats, my traps and delts were already tired, and then finding out that most of the exercises in the VBurn involved those muscles, most quite heavily… At the end of it, my shoulders felt like shit and everything else felt unchallenged. [/quote]

Same deal for me, shoulders-wise.

I say stick it out.

See it as a new kind of challenge- something you wouldn’t have otherwise done.


Days 4 and 5 went well. I’ve been thinking about my first HSM steak since day one. Oh man, that thing is going to be tasty.

Fat loss is ripping right along. I’m now down 7.4lbs, and the changes in the mirror are very noticeable. Workouts are going well too! Sticking to the rest periods is challenging but it makes them so much better.

For NEPA, I’m tacking on 20 mins of walking on an incline treadmill if it’s a workout day, or doing a ton of photography on a nonworkout day. That may not seem like much, but I usually spend 1-2 hours walking around and climbing up stuff to get shots, so I’m actually moving around a lot. Plus it’s helping me get better at shooting!

I haven’t messed up one little bit, and I sure as hell don’t plan on it. I can’t wait to be done though and be back to eating food.


Xab - Great to see you on the straight & narrow!


Thank you sir! It’s a tough path, but very worth it. Plus, those night time shakes are great. 3 scoops of Metabolic Drive, 24 ounces of peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons of water makes for a very thick but very tasty shake. I sure am using a lot of peanut butter though.


24 ounces of peanut butter in a shake? Typo? Thats gotta be a TON of calories. Do you mean 2 tb pb and 24 oz water? :slight_smile:


Day 6 done! I had my first HSM too.

My steak was a little overcooked so it wasn’t as perfect as I had hoped, but the best part was a huuuuuge spinach salad with tomatoes, cashews, onions, avocado, a little bit of vinegarette dressaing. I put it in a huge mixing bowl; I ate an entire 60 kcals of spinach, which is a lot!

I also had a big bowl of broccoli, some steamed brown rice with a bit of soy sauce, and for dessert, some fresh blueberries. Damn that was tasty! Of course, my weight was a little bit high this morning from the glycogen top-up from the rice, but that’s no biggie. Can’t wait for the next HSM!


I have to ask GFA’s question again… You said 24 spoons of Peanut Butter… in one shake. That was a typo right. For example I show 210 Calories of PB, which = max 2 Tbsn.

Because with 24 spoons of PB, you are RIGHT “VERY THICK” shake


Yeah, of course I’m using 24 oz of peanut butter. It’s in the plan. Chris wrote me a special one after I called him a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

He says this plan is better and it will make me even leaner, but he had to charge me an extra $500. For some reason, I wrote that check directly to him, not Biotest. Weird. Probably a tax thing.


24 oz of PB? Thats gotta be a TON of calories. Like 2400?


I see! It took Xab 7 days, but he’s cracked :wink: Gettin all Dyslexic and stuff!