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Hey Chris,

You responded to my thread in the Biotest supplement forum and told me to post my other questions here. Within the next few weeks I plan on starting a fat loss phase. Here is a little bit of info. I’m 5’9" 175lbs and approx 17% body fat. My goal is to hit 10% in the next 12-16 weeks while losing little to no muscle in the process.

As far as diet goes I was on the anabolic diet/paleo approach , but it just wasn’t for me. I always felt flat and almost no energy to get my workouts done. Right now my diet is as follows

8:00 am meat 6-8oz and either 3-4pzcashews, walnuts

11:30 6-8oz Steak and 1/2 cup blueberries or pineapple

2:30 6-8oz Skinless boneless chicken thigh and 1/2-1 cup quinoa or steel cut oats 1 cup baby spinach

6:00 4-5 eggs made with coconut oil and cashews or some other type of nut

Not often, maybe once or twice a week I might have one or two oatmeal cookies. I also go out for chicken wings 2-3 times a month. They are unbreaded and usually washed down with one or two drafts of beer.

I’ve read TC’s article about having 3-4 meals per day while others advocate 6 meals. I see John Meadows also offers a diet plan for $300 and thought about going that route as well. For fat loss, what do you think would be my best plan of action. I’m going to go the Anaconda/MAG-10 route right now for supplements.

As far as workouts I know you recommended complexes for fat loss. Are there any other workouts suggested such as 5/3/1 or anything else that comes to mind?

A few things:

  1. Don’t sweat body fat percentage. Most of the methods of measuring it are inaccurate and wonky. And the goal isn’t a number on a device anyway, it’s a look you’re after. I prefer photos and tape measurements (just tape the problem areas/fattest spots once every week or two.) The MyoTape is the most accurate tape available.

  2. There’s never a justification for losing muscle while losing fat. Easily prevented with a number of methods and tools. One is <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10. A pulse or serving of MAG-10 after training is the most important time, but also it can be used between solid meals for the protein pulsing effect. This will not only help with muscle gains but MAG-10 is also thermic in nature, helping with fat loss. And it’s the best anti-catabolism supplement on the market, although we don’t mention that benefit often. So, sounds like you’re covered there.

  3. Your food choices look pretty good, except for the obvious cheats. It all comes down to this: every time you have a beer you’re halting all fat loss progress for a period of time, and of course those calories are useless, easily stored on the belly, and beer contain wheat/gluten, leading to opiate-based addiction would could cause you to overeat later or have annoying cravings. Best avoided. Same with the cookies of course, but you can find some healthy cookie recipe in the HSMs and Recipes forum. Just use our search engine and look for my posts on this.

  4. Fruit is best avoided when the main goal is fat loss. Se our article in the archives called “The Evils of Fructose.” Some berries with breakfast is fine, but cut off fruit after that for the fastest results.

  5. As for meals per day, think of them more as feedings or pulses. So 3 solid meals with 2-3 MAG-10 pulses is really the same effect as 5-6 “meals” per day. Also, calories do count in the end, so it may be a good idea to have a food log for a couple of weeks just to see where you’re at. It much harder, but entirely possible, to choose only healthy foods and still not lose fat if the calories are too high from things like nuts.

  6. 5-3-1 is good, but it’s not really best for fat loss simply because you’re not training very often with it. You need more “butt in gym’” time in my opinion. But I prefer that people lift for size, performance and strength. You do not “lift for fat loss.” Keep weight training for hypertrophy goals, then add some conditioning work afterward or in a separate session. Complexes are good for this. Here’s my article on conditioning work with tips at the bottom of it:

But in the end fat loss is about diet more than anything else. And the #1 thing you can do right now is kill the cheats.

Thanks for the fast reply Chris. What would be some good macro’s diet wise. 1.5 grams of protein per lb? fat? carbs?

I’ve never measured macro ratios in my life. It’s more about food and supplement choices. For example, the carbs in MAG-10 are thermic and lead to fat loss. The carbs in bread damage the body and lead to fat storage. So how can we just count carbs for the day to hit a certain number when “a carb isn’t a carb” and sources make a huge difference when it comes to the affects on the body?

Same with protein. Highly structuralized di-/tripeptides hydrolyzed from bioactive casein (Plazma and MAG-10) have around 3 or 4 times the anabolic firepower as, say, protein from standard solid foods, so that changes how we look at the old grams-per-day rule.

Because of these reasons, I’ve never bothered with ratios or specific counts, although food logging is good for those who may not know where they’re at with total calories for the day. They could underestimate or overestimate.

So it’s all about getting quality sources of each macro more than it’s about hitting a certain number for the day.

Not a very cut and dried answer, I know, but this is how it’s done for long-term leanness and progression.

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