Diet Soda?

I am about 5 days into my Velocity diet and the taste of the shakes and water are becoming really redundant. I looked up this question in the search bar and in the FAQ (only coffee was specified as being allowed). Is it okay to drink some diet soda in general, or even just with your HSM? I apologize if this has been brought up in other threads.



This is covered in the FAQ. But yes, a diet soda or two per day is okay as long as you’re okay with the extra caffeine.

But, that being said, I’d say the V-Diet is a great time to kick the soda habit too. It takes about 21 days of cold turkey to do that.

Thanks for the response Chris. Today is my HSM and am looking foward to a sirloin and a glass of Diet Coke. I drink about a gallon of water a day and was hoping a diet coke was going to be allowed with solid food.

Yeah, I used the V-diet to kick the soda habit myself. I don’t even miss the crap anymore. At all, its not even a struggle, all I even want to drink is water. Driving by Burger King on the other hand… that one still has my subconscious screaming “STOP STOP STOP STOP” haha.

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