Diet/Recipe Staples?

Hey Chris!

Cooking and trying new recipes is great, but I’ve found that it helps to be able to have a solid list of meals you love that you can always go to.

Do you have any daily or weekly meal staples that you couldn’t live without?

//btw, love your Twitter feed!

We’re always trying new recipes, but you’re right: many become weekly staples.

They rotate though. For a while, my wife and I would have one of my healthy pizza recipes at least a couple of times per week. But here lately, we’re obsessed with my healthed-up dredging and frying technique. Here it is: We have this a few times per week, we just rotate the protein and veggie side dish.

Also, every weekend I make a beer-can chicken. Makes weekend eating easy: I just use water and herbs in the can these days though.

This isn’t much of a recipe, but it’s fast, easy, and fits my goals perfectly, so I have this every day at lunch:

Awesome stuff, thanks Chris!

Besides what you’ve already listed above, are there any favorites of yours that you’d recommend where you can cook in bulk?

Chili and West African Stew

Thanks - love chili, but never always knew how ‘healthy’ some of it was sometimes.

Do you use a Crock-Pot/slow-cooker at all? Any recommendations there?

You bet. Love the slow cooker. I think there are some pics in the “What Chris Actually Eats” thread at the top of this forum. Here are some favorites:

For meats, it’s easy. Toss in a bunch of chicken breasts and pour a can of soup over the top and you’re good to go. I usually use some type of organic Thai soup from the health food store.

West african stew is one of my all time favorites ! I use almond butter in it most of the time now.
Cook one big pot of it, then you can divide it up, and keep quite a few containers of it for quick meals in the fridge.

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