Diet Question, 1st Time Indigo Use

The problem I am having is what else to eat… I work 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Yes 84 hrs a week. I’m away from home, with no kitchen and fast food joints. I’m trying to stay lean, but I know i need carbs. I have Anaconda and MAG-10. So should i always just eat my Uncle Bens Brown rice everyday?

I know to stay away from wheat based…but is a foot long okay every once in awhile? What are some other choices that can be eaten without being cooked except in a microwave. I will be working out 5-6 days a week. Main workout is 6 weeks to superhero to start, and on off days, doing olympic ring work and a pickup game of something.

Oh and my hours of work is 6pm-6am… if that matters. I workout from 630ish and usually in bed by 930am or so. Thank you for your help!!

Have you checked out the LiveSpill?

If that rice is some sort of microwave crap, well, then it’s crap. Have you read the carb guide I placed in your log and in the Live Coaching area?

You’re just going to have to plan ahead and pack your own food. Get a rice cooker and a slow cooker. Cook a dozen sweet potatoes in Sunday and pack them to work. Make big quantities at once and pack them to work. Use shakes where needed. I’d suggest Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula for Indigo users.

No, if you’re avoiding wheat (as you should) then a foot-long sub is not a good choice. (Do I really have to type that?)

well crap… this’ll be difficult now. No access to those except online, plus really no room since no kitchen. I’ll figure something out. Thank you

Oh another question, best time to take Indigo-3G around workout. My schedule is as follows
Indigo-3G @ 1500
eat 1600
1800 get to work
Indigo-3G @1900
eat 2000
eat 0100
off @ 0600
gym @0630/0645
0900-1000 sleep

Can eat around whenever I want, and will throw a shake or 2 in there also. Where to take 3rd dose of Indigo-3G would be helpful. Feel free to move schedule around except work/workout times. Thank you

You sleep one hour a night?

Edit: Or day…

Take Indigo 40-60 minutes before training.

No that’s the time I go to sleep. Between 9-10am. Thank you Chris.

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