Diet Logs... Our New Foreplay!


Ok so I’m getting the hang of all this and will now have to combine my first 4 workouts in my initial log, a little lengthy but nonetheless pleasurable. The husband and I started the V-Diet, we are now on day 5 and its getting much easier, I can’t wait for the " I feel like a big bowl of fatty jello" to run it’s course and the “hello sweet ass” to take it’s place.

I’ve always been athletic between being a dancer (not in a dollar bills and daddy issues kinda way, nothing wrong with that I just prefer to learn how to deadlift) and a swimmer through high school, and I truly enjoy being in the gym even if I don’t always know what I’m doing. With that said, I’m learning everyday how to be stronger and get stronger after baby #2.

Here are my beginning numbers and pics.







Wish you the best :slight_smile:


Welcome! Be sure to hit me up with any specific question in the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris section so I’ll be sure to see them.

Keep us posted!


Day 1…Jan.31
Dumbbell Squat 10lb 10,15,15 (Need to up the weight but my quads were sore for 3 days)
Dumbbell Bench Press 10lb 15,10,15 (weight felt good and I worked up a sweat)
Bent-Over-Row dumbbells 10lb 15,15,10 (Need to up the weight and work on form)
Plank Hold 30sec intervals x 3 ( work on keeping ass dropped and rock on to shoulders)
After not working out for 9 mos. I was very thankfully sore and reminded of how complacent I have become being a stay at home mom and coping with the emotional woes of raising a tween daughter and 22 mo. old boy…All boy…But I’m ready more than ever to take it out in the gym.

Day 2… 2-2-11
Romanian Deadlift 45lb bar 10,8,8,6,5,13 (last set dropped to 25lb plate and damn near puked)
Lat Pulldown-underhand grip 40lb 15,15,20 ( last set dropped to 30, still gettin the hang of this)
Standing Shoulder Press barbell 5lb 15,15,15,5 (need to up the weight, but still felt it when picking up Aiden)
Side Plank Hold 15sec intervals x 3 (need to do more and keep core tight and side lifted)
Still figuring this workout plan out but learning more everyday from what not to do to feeling rejuvenated

Day 3…2-4-11
Deadlift sumo-stance 45lb 10,10,10,5,5 (Form felt much better but long way to go, pretty sure I out lifted a high school boy…Yay me!! oh and seriously thought I was going to puke)
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press- neutral grip 10lb 13,10,8,9 ( weight felt good today, try to get more next time)
Lat Pulldown-wide grip 50lb 10,10,10,10 (started at 30lb, last two were @ 50lb and it felt good, next time start at 50)
Plank Hold 30sec intervals x 4 (first week and finished!!)

Nepa treadmill for 35min 3.5mph 7.5% incline…felt good and got a good sweat in ( do at least 45 min next time)

         Looking forward to Sat challenge!!


First V-CHALLENGE DAY went better than expected…I actually finished the whole thing albeit in 35 minutes but damnit, I DID IT!! It took a little longer to gather the gumption to get off my ass but with the help of some great tunes, my new mp3 player, and my pretty hot husband who is doing the V-diet with me, there was and is success! Also, our first HSM was today…can you say AHHHH-mazing?? Grilled steak, organic baby spinach salad w/ garlic vinegrette, and blanched fresh green beans wrapped in bacon then baked was like a flavor party in my mouth that would’nt stop. I seriously can’t wait for next Sat. First weigh-in was a little dis-heartening at first,only lost .4 lbs, but that was until I realized that who cares about those numbers when it’s the one’s on the tape measure that really mean a crap…so Carpe Diem that you stupid scale, besides my ass is already starting to jiggle less so I know the Diet and workouts are already on their way to sculpting my body. With that said bring on the 730 shake and my bed please cause mama is whipped!


I wouldn’t be looking for much in the way of weight loss, as I suspect the type of lifting you’re now doing while on this program will likely build muscle- the good kind, not the beastly kind.

Besides, most guys don’t ask, “hey- how much does your wife weigh?”

She either looks good, or not.


Yesterday was ok for me, I did’nt really struggle with the food being around,I just ate my peanut butter, drank my shake and downed a bottle of water. Ladies…if you want help cleaning the house or washing the cars call it NEPA…just jokin babe, but thank you for all the help, besides I’m pretty sure we got more than hour of constant movement in.

Today…well today will have to be continued…I tried going to the gym but my 22 mo. old son would not allow to be put in the daycare so after an hour of attempts to leave him and sneak off, I came home. Which is ok I can still do all my training with the dumbells we have at the house…and make no mistake that it will get done…I was just kinda hoping to do it in a non-living room enviroment. Ahhh such is life, tomorrow is a new day and new attempts…let’s hope that he caves and learns to love the daycare as much as I love the gym. Oh the shakes are tasting much better,even the one’s with flax in them :slight_smile:


Glad to hear your shakes are tasting better, I can still taste steak and greens from Sat. I think…
Good luck on laying him down, and lest we forget the required NEPA today… cleaning closets maybe?


Hmmm… so is cleaning closets OUR NEPA or mine lmao…I’m down for whichever, he did lay down, I just finished here it is…

Dumbbell Squat 10lb-10,10,10,10 (tried the 20’s bahahahhaa not yet, but do need to up the weight up some)
Dumbell Bench Press 10lb-10,10,10,10 (rotated weights at top of press, need up weight)
Bent-Over-Row 10lb-10,10,10,10 (weight is good I think, really tried to stick ass out and squeeze blades)
Plank Hold 1.5 minutes total (shoulders are still shaky…hold longer next time)

I’m really beginning to like squats…I’m sure I’ll eat those words later and I’m actually looking forward to deadlifts tomorrow adding weight so we shall see…


Day 10
Ok so I missed yesterday’s log, got 1 shake behind due to my daughter’s orthodontist apt. running over and me not noticing the time…but the day went well…NEPA was me chasing after my son all day…literally…

Today started off rocky, I was’nt sure how Aiden was going to re-act to the daycare at the gym and after about an hour of me sitting and slowly creeping towards the door I made my escape and Voila! I’ll be damned if he was ok so mama got her work-out in and went up in weights to boot!

Romanian Deadlift-55-10,10,10,10,10 (Went up 10 lbs, add 10 more on Fri, hold shoulders back when tired)
Lat Pulldown-underhand-60-10,10,8,6,5,6,3 (1st set at 50 jumped to 60 for the rest, felt good, kicked my ass)
Standing Shoulder Press BB-10- 10,9,7,8,7,5,4 (weight felt good try to add more Fri)
Side Plank Hold- 2min total (30sec intervals x 4)

I really am beginning to love deadlifts and have some newly formed blisters and calluses on my hands to prove my efforts are making their mark…did I mention I also got to see my hot sweaty husband? Today is good day


Day 11
Today’s NEPA will be me cleaning the house while the babe takes a nap. Both kids had Dr. appt. and both kids have a cold, so I’m hoping the meds work and we can nip it in the bud or mama can’t take lil man to daycare at the gym.

New daily challenges are popping up but new resolutions are taking their place and new muscle is taking the place of celllulite…can’t wait for weigh in and measurements on Sat!


That is a great attitude babe!
I can’t wait for the HSM with the V-Burn on Sat!
Or maybe just for Sat.


Day 12
Well we are almost to the half way mark and I already feel so much better and stronger,so we can only go up from here…I put my big girl panties on today and did a complete work-out by myself. On that note I really need to work on deadlift form-Ha ha.

Deadlift-sumo stance-65lb-5,6,3,4,9,6,7 (Told ya, I just could’nt comfortable with the lift at first)
Incline DB Bench Press-15-8,9,7,8,8 (Thats up 5 lbs since last workout and up 10 since day 1, add more)
Lat Pulldown-wide grip-60-8,6,7,8,7,4 (Same as last time but it’s still a bit of a struggle, try to add)
Plank Hold-2 min total (Form feels more stable need to push for more time)

I’m super stoked for tomorrow,V-Challenge and HSM! Seriously gonna tear up some chicken!


Day 14…Half way there!

Yesterday was V-challenge,weigh-in,measurements,and HSM!! I shaved my V-Challenge time by 5 min finishing in 30 which felt pretty good and I still wanted to puke halfway through, so I must be doin something right!

HSM was great…homemade pimento cheese stuffed chicken breasts,caprese salad, and organinc baby spinach salad w/garlic vinegrette…it was awesome and it will be on our regular HSM menu!!

Measurements are…
WEIGHT-122 < 125
NECK-12.5 < 13
CHEST UPPER-34(same as before)
WAIST AT NAVEL-29.5 < 34.5
UPPER ARM L-11(same as before)
UPPER ARM L-11 < 12
UPPER LEG L-20 < 20.5
UPPER LEG R-20(same as before)
LOWER LEG L-12.5 > 12
LOWE LEG R-12.5 > 12
ANKLE L-8(same as before)
ANKLE R-8(same as before)

See…Results!! And good one’s at that…I feel great and I feel stronger and I look forward to hittin the gym tomorrow!


Happy V-Day Babe! Funny how the ‘V’ in V-Day can mean something different!
Just wanted to say I love you and am so very proud of you for working this program the way you have.
I am very excited to see where this world of lifting heavy and eating light (clean) can take us!
I love you, JFRAM


Day 16…I will be including yesterdays workout along with a little note for today…we are getting new carpet installed in our master bedroom,which is pretty good size, so moving king size bed and furniture along with having to move it all back in is my nepa today…

Day 15 workout
I thought I was’nt going to be able to go to the gym because the battery in my truck died, but my mom-in-law came and sat with the babe so I was able to go and went up in weight.

DB SQUAT-15-8,8,8,8,8,(Went up 5lbs and felt major difference)
DB BENCH PRESS-15-8,10,9,9,4,(went up 5 and shoulders are sore)
BB BENT-OVER-ROW-15-8,8,8,8,8,(Went up 5, this seriously kicked my ass)
PLANK HOLD total 2 min 30sec intervals x 4

Now just gotta get the car running cuz the mom in law is in dallas for the rest of the week…P.S. CHRIS…thank you for the alternative workout advice


Day 17 and 18…
Got a little behind on the log yesterday but thanks to my fantastical husband I was able to make it to the gym, so here it went…

ROMANIAN DEADLIFT-65-10,5,10,7,7,6,5 (felt damn good and form was much better than mon)
LAT PULLDOWN-underhand-60-10,10,8,7,10,5
STANDING SHOULDER PRESS BB-15-8,6,5,4,5,8,6,8,(dropped the weight to ten for last 3 sets,complete muscle failure)
SIDE PLANK HOLD-2min total

Nepa for today-day 18- will be taking Aiden on a walk if the weather cooperates and some trampoline time. looking forward to deads tomorrow!


ok…so lots to catch up on…technically I’m in the 1st week of transition, but during week 4 I got off track with training due to a stomach bug that put me down for 3 days and then my mom came. I have’nt faltered with the food but after 3 days of not eating I could’nt stomach the shakes so I’m now back on track and will resume training today. I did do measurements and weigh in on day 28 and here are my results.

Overall I lost 6lbs but…wait for it…I lost 16 inches total!! So even though I’ve got some ground to make up I’m pretty damn happy with the results. I did however fall off of my smoking wagon…I quit for 6 mos. but have been going through some stress with my mom recently getting ill…so excuses aside I have bought my patches and after 1 week of smoking I’m back on the wagon. Sometimes you just gotta dust yourself off and consider it a speedbump. I’m still learning how to manage stress and being able to leave it in a puddle of sweat on the gym floor is my saving grace. Just needed to be accountable for all my actions not just my diet and training.

I’m anxiously waiting to see what else I can do and crush.