Diet Experiment on Micro-PA

So I too have been experiencing a ravenous appetite with Micro-PA, along with my muscles always feeling “harder” throughout the day.

I had talked to Chris Shugart a while back about trying a specific diet experiment and I think with the effects from Micro-PA im seeing, now would be the perfect time to try it.

Instead of going to the grocery store and buying 70-80 dollars worth of grass fed beef (that shit is expensive, yet worth it) every week, I am going to replace that source of protein with ordering a bottle of MAG-10 every week, and pulsing 4 times every day to supplement my protein intake.

I will also be using 3 full servings of Plazma during the workout period, and then two of the pulses will come within an hour after training.

What sparked this idea again was that Coach Thibs results were more than optimal when he decreased his protein intake. Even at only 80 grams a day he is still able to progress, so I am sure that even the 125 grams from MAG-10 and Plazma is more than enough. It also gives me more room (caloric intake wise) for carbs, which i have been eating more of and have leaned out slightly.

I am currently back the new “version” of Built for Bad circuits, the update coach gave in the other thread.

Will keep people posted with results.

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