Diet Advice for Mass?

Hi Chris, I just ordered my first badge of Anaconda, MAG-10 and Indigo. Been training hard all year so far but seem to have no luck with good results as far as getting bigger. My work out routines are pretty effcient.

However I think my diet might be slacking. I seem to be getting more cut than putting on mass, is there a good diet i can follow?

It looks like you’re going to take care of the most important things: workout nutrition and Indigo-3G. That’ll be a huge help there.

Now, these questions can be tricky because everything THINKS their training program is good. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Maybe they “bring it” in the gym and maybe they phone it in using wiener exercises. So I’ll just have to take your word for it. But as an Indigo user, you now have access to Christian Thibaudeau’s private programs. You can view them here by clicking on the banner. Be sure to read those Indigo links as well:

As for diet, I’m not a fan of eating junk food, wheat or milk. They just instill bad habits, rapid fat gain, bloating, and food addictions. See the link above and click on the suggested carb link. Indigo must have plenty of good carbs to do its thing, and you can really pound them when on Indigo.

In short, it’s going to be about 1) hard and smart training, 2) clean foods 3) lots of #2. Calories do count when the goal is mass. You’re just not going to build muscle if you’re eating too little. That doesn’t mean to eat thousands more than what you need, but you do need an 800-1000 calorie surplus (over maintenance.)

Be sure you start an Indigo log and post pics and menus there. I’ll pop in once you do and give you some advice.

Great!! Will do, thanks.

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