Didn't Get the Expected Results with Hot-Rox


I ordered and just finished taking my second bottle of Hot-Rox. I was in a caloric deficit the entire time, worked out 6 days a week, and always took it on an empty stomach. I didn’t see as much fat loss as I thought I would. I know fat burners aren’t magic pills, but I did expect a little more fat loss than what I achieved. Anybody have any tips on maybe increasing the effectiveness of this product. I’m debating on whether or not ordering a third bottle to give it one last try.


I’m not totally sure what this means. How do you gauge what to expect from a fat burner vs what you’d expect without one?

What was your starting and ending what? Before/after pics?

The best way to increase the effectiveness of Hot-Rox is to make sure your training and nutrition are dialed in 100%. Have your diet nailed down and consistent with your macros and calories squared away. Have your cardio and lifting programmed properly for recovery and muscle retention. Hot-Rox on top of a 70%-okay diet and half-assed training plan isn’t a good approach.

You said you were working out 6 days a week, does that mean 6 days of lifting? 3 lifting and 3 cardio? 6 days just logging miles on the treadmill? Or what?

Also, your starting point will play a bit of a role in everything. If you’re, say, 275 pounds with man boobs and four chins, then basic clean eating and hard training will do a ton of the work and a fat burner isn’t going to get much credit for “extra” fat loss since there’s plenty to work with.


Just to add to @Chris_Colucci’s thoughts, all spot on as always, it’s very hard to give any specific feedback without the following:

-Before/after pics
-Before after scale weight/measurements (height/weight along with it)
-A very detailed breakdown of your training and nutrition

Were you tracking your nutrition/macros every day? How much of a deficit were you in?

Many more questions, but if you can post that info it would be much easier to give more specific advice.


I’ll be completely honest, I expected this get me well below 10% body fat and pretty quickly. Especially when it says it 'handles the toughest, most relentless, never-been-lean before, fat-loss cases." After reading some of the reviews my expectations may have been a little biased. I don’t have any before/after pics, I’ve never taken any to be honest. My starting weight was 193 and I’m now down to 188, but I’m not visually seeing any difference in body comp. If I had to guess I would say I started around 13-15% body fat, and I may be around the same if not 12% (I know pictures would be a lot more accurate and helpful here). My macros were 330pro, started at 180carbs and dropped now down to 125, and held tight at 95fats. In the two months of taking Hot-Rox I may have missed 3-4 days of not counting macros, but everything else was spot on. The 6 days a week were all weights with tabatas thrown in. My one day “off” was still a conditioning day, but it was nearly as intense as the 6 “on” days.


Alright, well, without seeing pics I can’t tell you your estimated body fat, I’m assuming it’s higher than you think. Do you see any outline of your abs? 12% is like clear 4 pack territory all day, verging on 6 pack. Judging by your posts, it seems like you do not have the experience to accurately guess body fat by looking.

If you’re not seeing the expected fat loss you want, then very simply you are not creating enough of a deficit, meaning you need to eat less and/or add more cardio, fat burners or not.

I’ll be completely honest, that is completely unrealistic and ridiculous. 10% body fat is VERY LEAN, approaching stage level leanness, and it difficult to get to, it’s not something you take a pill and watch the weight fall off and certainly not something you get to in a period of two months unless you’re already really close. My last contest prep I got to 8-9% without HOT ROX, when I started taking it, I was able to get down to 6% fairly quickly.

So you’ve lost 5 pounds and don’t see any visual difference? Congrats on your weight loss for sure, but 5lbs is not that much man. I will say if you lost 5 pounds and don’t see any difference, you are most certainly well above 12-13% body fat. Again even posting current pics would be helpful. If you were 12%, losing 5 pounds would be a fairly significant difference in body comp.

Yes, Yohimbine is the active ingredient which targets the receptors for stubborn fat, like lower abs, lower back, etc. Fat loss happens everywhere, which means if you are already lean like 10%, and all that remains is stubborn body fat, HOT ROX will get you to the next level. It doesn’t mean you take it for 2 months and have a six pack. I don’t think you understand just how lean 10% really is.

Ultimately, you probably lost more fat than you would have if you didn’t take the HOT ROX. However, if you’ve been going at it for two months and have only lost 5 pounds, your program is lacking, and you’re not creating enough of a caloric deficit.


I’ll try and upload some pictures or something to give you guys a better understanding. It may be a few days, but I’ll see what I can do. I do appreciate the help!


Long time Biotest guy and forum reader, but this is my first time posting on the site.

Have you thought about stacking with Carbolin-19? I had AMAZING results with Carbolin-19 alone. I suppose mixing them would potentiate the Hot Rox even more; I have seen other threads where people were talking about the affect of the stack it appeared to be great!

Carbolin-19 has really overhauled my metabolism. In fact, it’s almost too strong for me-- I am sensitive to stimulants/have anxiety issues all my life. As C-19 builds up in your system you can even feel your fat cells tingling/activating, as well as bodyheat and increased sweating!

Just a thought!

EDIT: I lied I wasn’t on Carbolin-19 alone, however, I recently added it to my normal regime of sups so it was the only one that I added fresh. I had also recently started taking Micro-PA about a month ahead of this but I really FELT the addition of Carbolin-19 when I added it especially halfway through my first bottle. PS MICRO-PA is also amazing!


Glad to help! Just realize that the flaw is not in your supplementation stack, it’s with your program. If you’re serious about wanting to get lean, it’s going to take quite a lot of effort and consistency. It can most definitely be done naturally, I used to be pretty fat and never even stepped foot in a gym until later in life. Make sure to post if you have any questions on how to get there, and searching through the thousands of articles on T-Nation is also very helpful, I’ve learned pretty much everything I know by reading on this site and trial/error on myself.


Are there any programs on here that you would recommend?


How did you stack Hot-Rox and Carbolin-19 together?


If you’re hitting the weights 6 days a week with tabata workouts and a conditioning day, I think your training is probably fine, provided your intensity is there and proper execution. Your nutrition is more what needs tweaking. As I mentioned earlier, you need to create more of a deficit, either through nutrition, adding more LISS cardio, or both. I’d recommend trying to do as much through nutrition as you can, and adding cardio as needed.

Make sure you’re getting enough protein, 1-1.2g per pound of bodyweight is more than enough to maintain/build, 25-30% of your total calories from fats, the rest from carbs.

What’s your weight/height? Your macros seem pretty off, 330g protein is quite a lot unless you’re like 275lbs or something, especially compared to 125g carbs.

Your total cals based on your macros you listed were 2,675, which means your maintenance would need to be around 3,200 cals a day for you to see 1lb per week of weight loss. I’m assuming you’re maintenance is lower than 3,200 cals a day. Try googling “TDEE Calculator” plug in the necessary info and see what comes up. You need to create a 500cal a day deficit to lose ~1lb per week.

Regarding fat burners, Carbolin-19 is a great supplement, HOT ROX is a more dedicated fat burner. HOT ROX has all the same ingredients as Carbolin-19, plus extra. Again though, you can’t out-supplement an improper diet.