Did Mag-10 Use to Have Citrulline?


I have read some discussions on this forum that suggest that Mag-10 had citrulline but it’s not currently on the label. Was it dropped since people often used Mag-10 post workout and Citrulline is primarily a workout Mag-10 1-2 days a week and don’t really need a workout enhancer if I’m not going to be working out.


I don’t remember Mag-10 ever having citrulline as part of the formula. Which threads are you referring to?


I think this is the one that I saw a while back:

Wasn’t sure if it was misinformation or someone mentioning an earlier product incarnation since it was back in 2010.


Ah, I gotcha. Looking back through it, yeah that was forever ago, around the time of Anaconda. That version of Mag-10 was totally different than the current formula and not really comparable - no carbs, less protein, no hydration formula/electrolytes, and it looks like it did have citrulline as part of the mix.

Probably changed, in part, because it was before HBCDs and isomaltulose were a thing which opened up more potential for the formulas. Mag-10 is currently fine after training, during cardio sessions, or on non-training days. I take it before bed most nights.