Determining Fat Percentage

Hi Chris, I do not belong to a gym. I thought I saw in one of your posts that you can tell or at least estimate fat % by one’s measurements. My Omron scale provides Fat % but that is never consistent. Also, not sure how accurate it is.

In the mornings on an empty stomach it has me anywhere from 33-35% fat and evenings… 30-33%. I’ve just gone through menopause so now dealing with all the belly fat. Anyway to get a better reading on this?

Here are my Day 1 Measurements:

Height - 5’9"
Weight - 178
Neck - 13"
Shoulders - 41"
Chest - Upper - 38"
Chest - Lower - 35"
Waist - at Navel - 37"
Waist - at largest - 41" (stomach, 2" below waist)
Hips - at largest - 42"
Upper Arm - L 12 & 3/4"
Upper Arm - R 12 & 1/2"
Upper Leg - L 24 & 1/2"
Upper Leg - R 25"
Lower Leg - L 15 & 1/2"
Lower Leg - R 15"
Ankle - L - 8 & 3/4"
Ankle - R 8 & 1/2"

It doesn’t matter really what that number is. You probably know if you’re carrying too much body fat, and as you noted, different ways of testing can be all over the place. Those electronic scales are the worst. In the end, it’s not about a number. It’s about your health, how you look, and how you feel.

To track fat loss progress, I instead suggest photos (front, side, back) and tape measurements, especially measurements of the problem areas, but it’s good that you measured everywhere because sometimes fat loss doesn’t begin occurring where we want it too most, so it keeps motivation high to see the numbers decreasing from somewhere.

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