Destroying Fat w/ Metabolic Pairings

I plan on doing a 6-8 week phase of “Destroying Fat” with Metabolic Pairings on the circuit days by CT.

I have Plazma, MAG-10, Curcumin, HOT-ROX, and ZMA that I intend to use, but I’m just not sure about the Plazma/MAG-10 usage. The Plazma seems like it may have TOO many carbs if I use it exclusively, so I was thinking pre workout using Plazma, then during/post workout using MAG-10. Thoughts?

Are there any additional supplements I should consider, or is this a good start?

Here’s something from an upcoming Thibaudeau article: “Decreasing or eliminating peri-workout carbs to expedite fat loss is a mistake. When trying to lose fat it’s paramount that you do everything possible to maintain or improve performance. That’s the only way to ensure that you’re preventing muscle loss and triggering some lean mass gains.”

In short, there’s no need to worry about the type of carbs in Plazma when on a fat loss phase. We have some competitive bodybuilders and Figure girls who do not even count those carbs because your body does not treat them as it does whole-food carbs. In fact, they’re thermic in nature and can speed fat loss.

Your supplement stack looks fine. The only addition I’d suggest is <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. In fact, with Indigo-3G, most people do not need a fat burner.

So plazma on weighted workouts and MAG-10 on sprints?

That sounds like a solid plan!

So Chris… All of my forum research seems to point toward the fact that using HOT-ROX in conjunction with Indigo-3G has little added benefit other than improving mood/feeling. It won’t significantly contribute to fat loss; is this accurate? I’m trying to determine whether to use HOT-ROX in conjunction or tag it on at the end of the phase when things may a start to slow down…

PS - I know you mentioned this briefly above, I was just hoping you’d expand on it a bit…

It’s not that HOT-ROX would have no added benefit, but Indigo-3G gets people where they want to be even without an added fat burner. For the competitive physique athletes we work with, we often have them add HOT-ROX but only toward the end of the contest prep phase where they need that extra edge. If you like the extra energy and mood boost from HOT-ROX, go for it. Or save it until the end as you said. Don’t shoot all your bullets at first; save one round for when you really need it. That’s always a good plan with fat burners.

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