Desperate and Angry, My V-Diet Starts Today!

Hey everyone,

I have been a reader here for a few years and in that time I have been pretty fit, for me (18% BF) and then at other times I have been no where near where I would like to be. Reading all your posts here is very motivating and educational for me.

Over the past couple of years I have been in school and not very focused on my training. I gained a few pounds here and there and recently gained 14 lbs in a matter of a few weeks. This new weight gain, right in time for summer, is horribly depressing for me. I have struggled with my weight since I was around 13 years old, due to medications I was on for Tourette Syndrome. I have been off those meds for years and I am extremely tired of my fluctuating weight.

I am here now posting because I have made the decision to fix this for good. I have the motivation, the will power, the dedication, and the “genes” to stick with this and get the body I dream of. I want to get my body to a place its never been before.
I would really appreciate any advice and constructive critisism anyone has to offer.

HEIGHT - 5’8.5
WEIGHT - 176.6 lbs
BF % - 36 (on bathroom scale, so prob. not that accurate)

Neck – 15
Shoulders – 41.5
Chest - Upper – 38 6/8
Chest - Bust – 41.5
Chest - Lower – 36
Waist - at Navel – 37
Waist - at largest – 39 6/8
Hips - at largest – 40.5
Upper Arm - L – 13
Upper Arm - R – 13 3/8
Upper Leg - L – 24.5
Upper Leg - R – 24 5/8
Lower Leg - L – 15 2/8
Lower Leg - R – 15 3/8
Ankle - L – 8 1/8
Ankle - R – 8 2/8


Front up close


LEFT side up close


SIDE RIGHT up close


OK…so clearly I don’t know how to do this whole pic thing very well but there you go…thats very hard for me to look at…I am going to post a pic from when I was @ 18% BF…even there I could not see definition in abs…PLEASE HELP!!!1

18 % BF

18 % BF

Congrats for taking on the challenge!

One big mental thing you should do is look at this diet, and the lifestyle in general, as something you NEED to do. It’s as much a need as needing to go to school or work on time, needing to sleep, needing to pay bills, and needing to put gas in your car to go anywhere. Now it’s so easy to slip, believe me I’ve done it a lot otherwise I wouldn’t be on here, but keep thinking of this as a priority.

You started today right? How long did you walk? Did you weight train?

Ok…so I didn’t recieve my Superfood yet… I still started because the old V-Diet didn’t include it so I’m hoping it won’t slow me down to much. I did the first two days as a ease in replacing 1 shake with 1 HSM ea. day.

Today is the day that I am going at it full blast. I woke up, immediately took 2 HOT-ROX and then 1 Se7en, 1 Flameout, and 1 Fiber Choice, had my first shake of the day and am on my way to my first work out. Very excited. Since day 1 the scale has dropped 4 lbs. (I know this is water weight).

I’ll update later on how my first training session went.


*12 min walk (3.5-4.3 mph)
*one set BW squats for 12 reps.

*(done with 2 35lb. DBs = 70lbs.) This didn’t seem like a lot of weight for me (cuz I lift much more with BBs but didn’t have them available to me) but that 70lbs. was difficult. I dont know if it was because it was akward feeling or what. Is this ok to sub since it still was a challange for me?
*I did 4 SETS EACH WITH 5 REPS. the first few rest periods I did 45 sec rests instead of 30 sec ones, not because I was too tired but I simply mixed up them up with the med weght rest periods. I fixed it after the first few.

*I think I maybe could have done more than 5 reps per set so I think I could have def. upped the wieght but I couldnt really handle the 40 lb DBS on my front shoulders.

*1st set 4 reps done with 90lbs.
*2nd set 5 reps done with 90lbs.
*3rd set 5 reps done with 90lbs.
*4th set 4 reps done with 80lbs.
*5th set 2 reps done with 80lbs.

DB BENCHPRESS (I had to do these on a stability (swiss) ball and floor due to no bench, is either ok?)
*1st set done with 2 25lb DBs with back on stability ball and feet on floor. I did 5 reps, could have done more, so…
*2nd set done with 35lb DBs while laying on floor knees bent and feet flat on floor…I dont think this was ok since I couldnt bring my elbows down any further than than the floor.??? I did 5 reps
*3rd set done same as second set but with only 4 reps.
*4th set done on stability ball again but this time I used 30lb. DBs…did 5 reps
*5th set same as set 4, did 5 reps

AB-WHEEL OUT (I do not have one of these so I used a stability (swiss) ball and did Prone Jackknifes - with shins on top of it with palms flat on floor, walk hands out until body is in push up form, then pull knees toward chest then roll ball back to starting pos.)
*1st set 9 reps
*2nd set 5 reps
*3rd set 5 reps
*4th set 5 reps

FINISHED WITH a 12 min 4.0 mph walk on a 3.5 incline.

DRANK Surge!!

On the lat pulldowns, your shoulders should be back and elbows down by your sides at the end of the movement. Take a look at this article for more pointers.

Sooo…just had the last shake of the day with my pb on side… I am a server at a bar/restaurant so I am constantly moving (and also constantly tempted). I started at 6 and I just got home, I stayed strong and didnt eat anything besides my shakes today, showering and snooze time.

Good Going Lynz!

Thanks Doug, that link helped.

Thanks ironbull!! Its alot more fun (and keeps me in check) doing this when you know you have people cheering you on.

The more I log on the more motivated and angry I get…I can do this…I know its only day 2 but my will power and accountability is too high to mess with!!! My after pics are gonna be amazing!

Today went great…however I worked tonight…started at 6 and got home around 11:30…we were really busy so I got a little messed up with the timing of my shakes…they were longer apart then they should have been. I had my last shake when I got home and as soon as I log off I am hitting the sheets hard. I kept waking up every couple hours last night…really annoying.

I walked for about an hour today at around 4.0 mph with a bit of an easy incline to try to get some healing going on and get the lactic acid out of my aching parts from yesterdays iron session, and also I was on the constant move at work (as mentioned above, I am a server at a bar/restaurant…so I get alot of NEPA that way too).

Feeling good…each day that passes without error makes it easier to stick with the program the next day. Our manager bought us pizza tonight (my favorite…thick crispy pepperoni) but I didnt even take a smell, quite proud of myself when I saw other girls supposedly on a diet giving in and indulging, they will wake up feeling guilty whereas I will wake up 1 day further into my healthy transformation.

Really feeling the workout from yesterday…and really stoked for tomorrows training session…I really enjoy heavy lifting.


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