Delay in HOT-ROX a Problem?

Hi - I have everything I need to begin this diet tomorrow, however, the HOT-ROX hasn’t arrived yet (in the next few days) - should I wait to begin until I can take that with it - or is it ok to begin now and just take that when it arrives?

You can start now if you’d like. HOT-ROX is optional for the diet and many have had good success with the V-Diet without it (they don’t handle stimulants well, so they skipped the HOT-ROX.)

HOT-ROX does speed up the fat loss though and give you extra energy. So it’s up to you.

…I plan to add it once it arrives, but was anxious to start the program even if it’s not here yet. It should be here in the next few days, so I can just begin it when it arrives even if that’s a few days into the program :slight_smile: Anal - that’s me.

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