Dedication, Desire, Willpower


I will be starting my V-Diet journey in a few days. I’ve thought about doing this for a long time, and I feel I’m in a great mindset to begin now! I need a jump start to lose some extra body fat and I want to stop obsessing about food and eating all the time. I’m female, 46 years old, 6’0 tall and a flabby 165 pounds. I’ll be posting starting pics when I get them.


Excellent! I am 44 years old and female, and I just finished my four weeks. I was concerned about my willpower, but I stuck with it. I started off at about 142 lbs, which isn’t bad even if I am 5’3" tall, because I do have quite a bit of muscle. However, my clothes were tight or not fitting at all! I even managed to stay with the diet when I went out of town. It took some planning, but I did it.

The upshot of all of this? I lost 9 pounds! I have leaned out and developed some definition in places I didn’t have definition! Go for it! You sound like you are ready!


You can do this hwyheat. I look forward to following your progress. My advice would be to check in here daily. It helps keep you accountable. I really enjoyed this program. It took the guess work out of what to eat and I felt great while doing it.

Best of luck.


Welcome aboard!


I should be receiving my V-Diet package in 2 days so I plan on starting this Friday, the 13th. I think a big challenge I will face are social events at restaurants where I’ll be the only one not eating and then have to explain myself. I’m hoping to avoid these situations as much as possible over the 28 days so I don’t have to hear anyone’s criticism.


I had to deal with social situations like that quite a bit during the V-Diet. I just took a shake along and fielded questions as best I could. Most people don’t understand but that is fine. Once they see your progress, they shut up pretty quickly.


Just be clear what your priorities are, and check that they’re appropriate for you.

If it were me, I’d trade all the weight loss in the world for being toned and lean-looking.

Think about what it is you want, be PRECISE and most importantly, clearly define WHY you want what you want.

Have a long list of reasons.

Find the ones that REALLY drive you.

You’ll need those reasons from time to time.

Good luck.


Supplements just got delivered, here we go!


I don’t see any HOT-ROX in there. Did you opt out of those?


[quote]bdiddy5522 wrote:
I don’t see any HOT-ROX in there. Did you opt out of those?[/quote]
Yes, I opted out because about a month back I experimented with Roxy Lean for a couple days and I really didn’t like the way it made me feel light headed and jittery. I figure I’ll double my espresso intake, ha, ha!


You may want to look into a product that Tnation offers called “se7en”. Non stimulatory but still aids in fat loss. Completely up to you but for me if I was going through all this work, I wanted the best results possible. :slight_smile:


Beginning pictures, 5-12-11, 6’0", 160.6 lbs, 33.5 inch waist, 33% body fat (Tanita scale)






Day 1 (May 12):

First day was not bad at all. I attribute this to being “psychologically” ready for this challenge. The shakes filled me up and I didn’t start experiencing any hunger until just about the time I was scheduled for my next meal. I started sipping the Surge right before my workout and also during. That stuff is sweet! I had to keep diluting it with extra water. I got it all down within an hour afterwards. Sleep was good last night, ready for day 2!


Day 2 (May 13):

I made it through my second day with no major problems. I started feeling a little weak and dizzy in the later part of the afternoon when I had to put off a scheduled shake for about an hour and a half due to an extended appointment. I drank a lot of water and got through it. I had to work a late shift that ended at 0400 hours. At about 0315 my stomach was rumbling bad. I came close to eating a Zone Bar I had in my desk, but was able to talk myself out of it. I know, I know, get rid of all temptations. If it’s not there I can’t eat it!


You’re doing great it gets harder before it gets easier, but just keep pushing on it’s worth it!! I’m almost on my last week and I’m thinking already?.. But when I was on day 5 I was thinking how can I keep doing this? Then it becomes a routine you get used to so keep it up!!! I’m here doing it with ya!


Some thoughts:

How did I come to learn about the Velocity Diet. I read Dan John’s book “Never Let Go” a few months back (by the way, awesome book) and he has a chapter about his V-Diet experience. So that’s how I became really interested in it. He also logged his diet challenge here on T-Nation which I’m currently browsing through (it’s a long log). Anyways, it is very motivating, as well as reading others’ logs.

On another note, I ordered Se7en at the suggestion of bdiddy5522 since I’m not doing HOT-ROX. I will be starting that next week.


Day 5 (May 16)

Mornings always seem to be the best time; I wake up ready to go and attack another day (and drink a shake).

Things are still going well, I just hope this is not the honeymoon stage and I’m gonna crash. I’m definitely seeing and feeling results so that keeps me going. I just read the “Work through it, not around it” post on Shugart’s Hammer. I need to print this out and post it where I can read it each day. I’ll check back in with numbers when I complete day 7. My blender is calling …


You know the first two weeks I was totally psyched about this and the third week was the toughest for me that’s when I about crashed but I just tried to stay busy and leave the house a little more that week which was last week and today is starting week 4 so now I’m psyched about this last week before transition and again I have the drive to push harder, funny mind games I play with myself. Great job!! Can’t wait to see your results.