Dealing with a Throw Up Feeling?


Does anyone have suggestions on something that will help get rid of this throw up feeling I get while drinking a shake?

I’m assuming it has to do with Superfood, but I’m not real sure. Is there anything that can mask that?


Does it only happen in the breakfast and dinner shakes?

It could be the flax – I had issues with that. Try more water, and more ice. Once you get used to flax, it’s easy.

My first successful, non-nausiating flax shakes were ones with a lot of ice – I mainly ate them with a spoon.

Also, flax does NOT go with all flavors. It works best with chocolate. If you don’t have any chocolate, you can use vanilla with daVinci chocolate syrup (sugar free, of course). There’s also a competing brand to davinci now, with some sugar free selections . . but it’s all in walmart, by the coffee.


At first it only happened in the breakfast and dinner shakes, but now I feel like throwing up all day long.

I’ve had problems with flax in the past…

I’ll go look for those sugar free syrups tomorrow.


If it’s the flax, then try a lot of ice – make it come out like a very thick shake, and eat it with a spoon.

I recommend chocolate Metabolic Drive.


Yea a lot of ice works good for me also. Almost like a numbing effect. Not sure how it could play into the V-Diet but ginger has anti-nausea properties. You could brew some ginger tea and drink in between shakes.


A thicker shake makes it worse. Maybe I’ll try the ginger.

Now I’m starting to feel sick in between shakes. I thought I was over this; I woke up this morning feeling great, but now I feel like throwing up again.


Any word on this?

I don’t feel nauseous persay, but just generally crappy. Can you develop an allergy to whey? I know if you eat a ton of the same thing over and over, you can develop and allergy to it…so could this be a problem as well?

I’ve also never supplemented with Leucine before…does this present problems for people as well? I guess I’ll have some ginger tea right now to see how that helps…


I just felt like throwing up sometimes… I’m not sure what it was.


I went to walmart and looked for 0 calorie drink mixes. There were some Crystal Light, 4C, and kool aid. So far Kool-Aid has been my favorite. I tried the orange flavor and the pink lemonade (drinking it now). The pink lemonade masks most other flavors. The orange tastes pretty good with ice, like a healthy creamsicle :confused:

I also threw some cinnamon in a lot of the shakes. That helps too. It makes it taste like french toast crunch (with vanilla MDrive), only a little weird.

The thing that makes me want to puke is the smell of the unflavored drink. If i blend it and smell the blender i’ll nearly puke.

I got some bottles that have twist on caps with a small opening for drinking, which is great because i cant smell the rest as im drinking.

I also found 0 calorie sodas. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to use these in shakes, I don’t think it breaks any rules since its 0 calories, but I picked up some A&W root beer flavor in the hopes of figuring out how to make some sort of root beer float-ish concoction. I haven’t experimented with it yet, but if I figure it out I’ll post.

Hope this helps.


mqgeek- I got that throwing up feeling that first time I did the V-Diet, felt like motion sickness for about 4 days straight. I’m pretty sure mine was a kind of ‘carb withdrawal’ reaction though.

If thats the case, 0 cal soda and 0 cal sugar-free gum keep you feeling full and craving carbs less. Seems to me the more liquids you drink it also seems to go away more quickly. I’m adapted now and haven’t had the nausea during Vdiet Round 2. Good luck!

korykk- if you find a rootbeer float recipe i would be forever grateful. yumyumyum


I’m down for a good Root Beer float recipe too. Did you figure one out?

I think the combination of Flax and Superfood just made me feel like throwing up. Once Sunday comes and I’m done with the V-Diet, I don’t think I’ll be using Superfood or Flax for a while.


Have you tried digestive enzymes? Casein and splenda are not the most agreeable things to my stomach and digestive enzymes seem to help, though Metabolic Drive still makes me bloated.