Deadlift Substitution?


Hello Chris,

I will start the V-Diet mid January when I come back from the holidays.
I was at a perfect shape last year (I did not want more), was going 5 times a week to the gym and eating healthy.
I then got a car accident which forced me to drop the gym for a year. I gained 10 pounds in that year (I am not really fat, was 150 and am no 160) but I would like to go back to that shape asap.
The V-Diet looks like the solution for me.

However, after all my physical therapy, I went back to the gym trying the Waterbury method and hurt my back doing a sumo deadlift.
I might do it wrong, but even the good mornings were hurting.

So I was wondering if there was something else I could do (even if it means doing 2 exercises instead one 1 to replace both deadlift sets in the V-Diet advanced training).
Please let me know, as I want to start the V-Diet without having to drop it because of one exercise.



You can still make great progress on the V-Diet without the deadlift.

It’s a great exercise of course, but if you can’t then you can’t. If you feel safer with something as simple as ham curls and leg extensions, then go for it. I always say it’s more about the effort you put into the program than the specifics of the program itself. I think you’ll do great.

Keep us posted!


As soon as I start in 3 weeks or so, I’ll post my before pics :slight_smile:
And then the after pics a month and a half later !

Thank you for the advice, I am really excited about it.


I broke my back about 15 years when I was in the military and it took awhile before I could deadlifts after that - about 3 years I think. The best thing that strengthened my back during that time was Romanian deadlifts with dumbells. I could go fairly light but really try to target my lower back (crushed L3) and strengthen those muscles. Never had a problem since and my best deadlift ever was 525lbs. So, there is hope.


This is indeed great hope.
Did you stretch a lot? I am as flexible as a stick, I need to focus on it. Do you have advises or special movements for this as well.

PS: Congrats for this website, I cannot believe I was working out all this time without it.


Actually, I never did stretch. I do now, but I am still not very limber, or “flexible as a stick” as you said. LOL.
All I ever did was the romanian deadlifts to concentrate on the lower back. Did them twice per week for about 18 months and started with conventional deadlifts after that.

Hope all goes well for you.