Dead-Squat Bar. Thanks!


Mod Jared, just wanted to thank you for your help with my Dead-Squat bar color choice. You were right, that red color is something else, love it. Also the balance of the bar and design is perfect.

Thanks Tim P. and all at Biotest.


Ditto from the Derf to Jared. Bar arrived yesterday, me and my 18 yr old daughter will be breaking it in this weekend!


Glad to hear you guys are happy! The Dead-Squat Bar is awesome and I can’t imagine anyone being dissatisfied with it.


Red and Black


Whoa, that red looks awesome!


Yes it does,even better up close…


why is this not just called a trap bar is there a reason?


[quote]yolo84 wrote:
why is this not just called a trap bar is there a reason?[/quote]

Mostly because this isn’t an ordinary trap bar and i’m sure CS will post the picture Ben Bruno posted of it next to a typical trap bar and the proof is in the picture. This thing is like an Eleiko quality bar and it dwarfs ordinary trap bars.


Good idea, Eazy. Here’s the pic Ben Bruno took after receiving his Dead-Squat bar.

The length, designed to fit a rack, sets it apart. Also the properly angled handles, designed to fit the body naturally. And of course it’s overbuilt and handles more weight than a normal trap bar. Oddly, I haven’t even used it for shrugs yet. It’s much more versatile than that.

Calling it a “trap bar” is like calling a Mercedes-Benz Unimog a “car.”


The black and red models are now available <a href=""target=“new”>HERE.


I’m officially waiting to buy new products from the site for at least 6 months!