Dead-Squat Bar Max Weight?


Non-supplement question here.

One of our members would like to order the Dead-Squat Bar and has asked what is the maximum weight it will hold? We have a usual Hexagon bar and he maxes it out on plates. I remember seeing the pic of your bar all loaded out. I know it was talked about on the LiveSpill when it was going, but I can’t remember.


With standard 45-pound plates, you can load it up to 960 pounds. That’s 20 plates plus the weight of the bar.

We have some 100 pound plates here at the Biotest Training Lab, so we were able to load it up to
1120 pounds. Then Tim Patterson lifted it with a forklift and bounced it repeatedly off the ground. The <a href=""target=“new”>Dead-Squat Bar was fine.

Here’s some more info I wrote up a while back:

The Dead-Squat Bar

Because You Can’t Build a Fortress with Sissy Equipment

The two most effective lifts in muscle-building – the deadlift and the squat – now combined into one powerful movement.

The Dead-Squat Bar gives you all the benefits of the deadlift and the squat with none of the drawbacks. No spinal compression, no unnecessary lower back stress, no bruised and bloody shins, just maximal stimulation.

Designed by Tim Patterson and constructed by a top engineering firm to exacting specifications, the Dead-Squat Bar is built from the ground up to match the optimal movement patterns of the human body. With 15-degree internally-rotated handles, the angle your hands naturally hang, you’ll lift more weight with less risk of injury, greatly accelerating your strength and hypertrophy gains.

Every aspect of the bar is precision balanced for a perfect lift on every rep. No forward, backward, or side-to-side tilt. No stock metal was used in construction. Sleeves are precision-machined to Olympic-level quality. Plates will not wobble, list, or slide off, giving you a rock-solid pull every time.

The Dead-Squat Bar features grippy, but not sharp, handle knurling. Handles provide ample surface area for a sure grip, but aren’t so thick they interfere with pulling.

We shock-tested this over-built bar by loading it with as many 100 and 45 pound plates as it would hold – 1120 pounds – then lifted it with a forklift and bounced it repeatedly. Then we high-fived.

Besides the dead-squat lift, this bar can be used for stiff-leg deadlifts, shrugs, farmer’s walks, rows, and neutral-grip pressing.

The Dead-Squat Bar: One bar to rule them all.


Bar weight: 60 pounds

Max plate capacity: 20 standard 45-pound plates or 960 pounds.

Size: 88.25" x 30". Long enough to be used in a rack for pin work.


Perfect. Just what I needed to know. :slight_smile: Mahalo. I will call with the order very shortly.


Guess who ordered a Dead-Squat bar today? Yep, I did. Decided to split the cost with the member who wanted one. OH YEAH!!

WATCH OUT!!! Things gettin’ REAL in here.


Do the sleeves rotating sleeves?


[quote]j62usa wrote:
Do the sleeves rotating sleeves?


Non-rotating sleeves.


It has arrived.


Very helpful answer by Chris