DeacsMWS - V-Diet 3.0 - 4/13 Start

After lurking for a few weeks and waiting for my supplements to arrive, I finally started the Velocity Diet today.

Age: 30
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 206.2
BF%: 22.3% (Omron)
More measurements to come…

As recently as a year ago, I was at about 195 lbs with 15% BF. Have no real excuse… just haven’t been to the gym as much as I used to. I finished grad school, made a move, and started a new job where I sit at a desk all day. Aside from the occasional run, half-assed workout, basketball, flag football, and softball, I don’t do much.

Doing this for two main reasons… 1) to prove to myself that I can and 2) to try to erase the effects of being relatively lazy for a year.

Got 4 shakes and a workout in so far today.

Before pics coming… wasn’t going to post any, but it can only serve as motivation, right?




Day 1 in the books…

Shakes were tougher to get down than I anticipated. Have been drinking Biotest shakes off and on for a few years and have always enjoyed them.

Workout went OK… felt pretty weak.

Front Squat - 135lbs (5,5,4,3,3)
Pull-Ups - 60lb assist (5,4,3,2,2,2,2)
Dumbbell Bench - 55lb dumbbells (5,5,4,2,2,2)
Ab-Roller - (5,5,5,5)

My form on the ab-roller was probably not perfect. Abs are really weak at this stage. Might try it with a swiss ball next time.

Neck 15.5
Shoulders 47
Upper Chest 42
Lower Chest 40
Navel 38
Hips 36
Upper Arm 14
Lower Arm 12
Upper Leg 22
Lower Leg 15
Ankle 9

Thinking about walking 9 holes of golf after work tomorrow for my NEPA… does that work?

1 down, 27 to go.

Glad to have you on board this crazy train.

And yep, walking the golf course is fine for NEPA.

Keep us updated!

Sad face?!?! SMILE FACE at least! You’re going to be so happy when you see what happens to your body!

The smiley face will come on the next round of pics in a couple of weeks.

Day 2 is in the books. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do 5 shakes today after doing 6 yesterday, but it worked out OK. I am actually looking forward to Surge tomorrow after my workout… it is a nice change of pace from the Metabolic Drive. I am over the Banana Cream shakes… definitely my least favorite. The other 3 flavors are fine. And I enjoy the Fiber Choice, too… nice to eat something solid, even if it tastes like a Tums. The last shake is easily the best… I don’t like peanut butter, but the almond butter I got is actually pretty tasty.

Anyway, it poured here in Florida all day, so golf wasn’t meant to be. I will save that for Thursday NEPA. Instead, I just walked for about an hour… caught up with some old friends on the phone, so it was productive time.

What worries me the most is that I have already started to fantasize about this weekend’s solid meal. Already planning it… and I am sure that when it comes around I won’t even be able to eat a whole lot without feeling full or ill.

I am a little sore from yesterday’s workout, which is good. I feel it most in my quads and chest… a little bit in the abs. Can’t wait to get after it at the gym again tomorrow.

Time to get everything ready for tomorrow. I have already settled into a nice routine of putting things together the night before so that I am prepared for work. Focusing on getting enough sleep at night, too… I have to be at work at 7am each day, which means getting up at 6am. Trying to get to bed by 10:30 instead of my usual 11:30.

Workout #2 done…

Step-Ups with 40 lbs (10,10,10,10)
Rows 95 (8,8,6,5,5,4,4)
Push Press 65 (8,8,7,5,5,4,3)
Curls 55 (10,8,8,7,7)
Reverse Crunches (10,10,10,10)

Still love Surge. Having some trouble with the shakes. The breakfast one is fine. The bedtime one is fine. The rest have made me feel ill the last 2 days. Battling some sort of cold, so that may be it, too. Woke up with a sore jaw this morning, so that could just be some sort of sinus infection.

Just trying to get through the work week, so that I can have my HSM on Saturday evening.

[quote]DeacsMWS wrote:
The last shake is easily the best… I don’t like peanut butter, but the almond butter I got is actually pretty tasty.

i cant wait for my first bedtime shake tonight. i got almond butter too good to know it tasty. i feel ya on the Surge too. it was the best thing that happened to me all day when i had that first sip (never had it before) yummm!

goodluck man.

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