De-Sweetening the Shakes

So I got some 0 calorie all natural lemon juice the other day at the store and put about 1 teaspoon into a sixteen ounce shake just to see what would happen.

It was awesome.

The shake wasn’t lemony at all.

In fact, it didn’t taste like anything, it just tasted like water.

If you guys are looking for a way to get over the overly sweet flavor of the shakes every single day, get some Realemon lemon juice, its got no calories, no artificial sweeteners, just real lemon juice, and it will bland out the shakes a little, which i found helps every couple days so you don’t get completely sick of the sweetness of the shake.

I tried this, but it ended up tasting like a sweet lemony mess.

You really only need very little lemon juice, and it may have to do with the flavor of shake, I did it with the strawberry and it was awesome.

Thanks, I tried this and it is working for me

does this only work for the strawberry?

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