Day One Log


Yesterday, Monday, June 4 was launch date.
Here are starting stats (Not a pretty picture):
Gender: Male; Age: 68; Height: 5’11in; Weight: 190.
Neck: 16in
Chest (Upper): 45in
Chest (Lower): 44in
Upper Arm, R: 14.5in
Upper Arm, L: 14.5in
Waist@navel: 43in
Natural Waist: 38.5in
Hips: 40in
Upper Leg, R: 21.5in
Upper Leg, L: 21.5in
Lower Leg, R: 14.5in
Lower Leg, L: 14.5in
Ankle, R: 9.5in
Ankle, L: 9.5in

Day One Notes: Impressed by flavor and mouthfeel of Metabolic Drive and Surge–makes downing shakes pretty painless. Started day with Banana and ended with Chocolate with Vanilla for others. Energy level good throughout. NEPA=8,790 steps (per Nike Fuel Band).


Great start! Keep it up!


[quote]jpfowler73 wrote:
Great start! Keep it up![/quote]
Thanks. Encouragement gratefully accepted.


Belatedly realized that unless I planned on starting 28 separate threads, “Day One” was a pretty silly title for a log so I’m starting (as of Day Two) a new thread to be titled “The Old Man and the V”… And by old, I mean real old (see above) which partly accounts for messing up the post system in the first place.