Day One- Father's Day


Began V-Diet today for this 55 year old father on Father’s Day. Looking forward to seeing the results.


Welcome aboard Valda!


Thanks Ironbull. On day 4- staying focused and moving forward.




Checking in 8 months later. Lost a bit more than 30 lbs- 183 to 152. Got a few before and after shots in my photos section of my account. Lost about 20 lbs in the first month. It’s been pretty routine for me with daily supplements usually at breakfast and keeping it reasonable for lunch and dinner meals. I’m feeling great at age 56 doing strength training 3 times/week with balance of week in a cardio routine of cycling, treadmill, or steps. Not going to be Mr. Atlas but I’m enjoying the experience.



I looked at the afer’s and when I saw the before’s I was like, “OH MY GOD.”

You look great.


Do you FEEL different?


Thanks tm. I haven’t felt this great since my high school wrestling days. I have great energy and can (almost) keep up with my boys, ages 15 and 20 on the ski slopes. (They’re very good boarders). At minimum, my body fat dropped from 29 to under 24. I had my annual physical in January and my tryglycerides went from 246 in 2004 to 43, my HDL (good cholesterol) went from 36 to 62.

Overall cholesterol- 187 from a high of 264. I’ve been on cholesterol medication for decades and my physician said I can come off it. He said I’m one of his best examples for other patients when they try to tell him it can’t be done. I’m beginning to get some definition in my arms and back and probably have 10-15 lbs of muscle at this point. Just want to keep it going.