Day Four & On My Way

I’m so proud of myself! This is the first time in my whole life that turning down the notion of sugar has been the simplest thing. I’m sure it’s because my body is finally being fed properly, but perhaps also because the shakes are so sweet? Who knows, I’m just so overjoyed that I’m already feeling a sense of accomplishment and in all honesty…this isn’t hard.

Being on the Velocity thus far is has been physically and mentally satisfying. The shakes taste great, I LOVE walking and love spending less time in the gym, yet still being sore when I wake up. Okay, so I haven’t done the V-Burn yet :slight_smile: but I’m confident it will kick my ass a bit in a good way.

Everyday has been a success except when I made my last shake for the day (day 2) and grabbed the Surge instead. Damn! Not only did I just ingest 330 calories, but more importantly, that’s 44 carbs. At night. But I suppose it’s better to make an honest mistake than to actually cheat on this plan. Speaking of cheating…whenever I go to Whole Foods I have the habit of eating the samples there while shopping. And maybe I’ll take chocolate from the bulk foods?(shhhhhh).

But yesterday while I was there it wasn’t even difficult to push the idea of snacking out of my mind. In fact, I mindlessly picked a grape from the fruit section and upon realizing I was putting a grape to my mouth I threw it away in shock. Guess I have to keep my subconscious in line?
Well to wrap up, thank you for your comments, it’s nice to feel a part of something. It makes the diet feel interactive and like there a bigger sense of accountability. Looking forward to posting my new stats this Sat. And my HSM, come on, I’m salivating already.

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