Day After 1st HSM & Workout Question


Ok so Iâ??m through the first week of the V-Diet and to the people crying about being hungry and depressed go jiggle your belly in the mirror and then ask yourself how hungry you are (works for me)â?¦ That being said my brother and I are doing this together following the program to a T and already seeing great results. I am 30 years old 6â?? 213lbs (at the start) and he is 27 years old 5â??11â??â?? 236lbs (at the start).

We had or first HSM last night that consisted of a 6oz lean steak, 6oz chicken breast, a sweet potato and a salad with oil and vinegar. Today both of us feel like Peter Griffin, loose and chubby. We were feeling leaner leading up to today and I noticed during my workout this afternoon I was visibly less vascular (not that I am very vascular to begin with but itâ??s definitely less).

Is this a normal feeling, and possibly all in my head? Second question; how long is the average workout supposed to take, I feel like Iâ??m smoking through them? Iâ??m pushing myself and pretty gassed at the end but just not in the gym very longâ?¦


don’t worry about the food bloat, it’ll go away.

The workouts should be short, but make sure you’re using heavy enough weights, it’s not cardio, but being gassed is a good sign that you’re pushing it.


!. It’s in your head. That meal was fine. Though your first solid food after a week of liquid may feel heavy and you may feel full very fast, which is good. We’re re-programming the body here, and the stomach has shrunk a little. It’s normal.

  1. As long as you’re following the training plan correctly, don’t worry about time. If you want more time in the gym, do more NEPA. Make sure you’ve read the “Secrets to Velocity Training” tab in the V-Diet. A lot of people only look at the workouts and are doing them all wrong.