Day 9, Pics and Measurements

OK, so I should have done this on day 1. My logic was that this diet was going to be pretty hard, and I didn’t want to go through all this and then quit the diet after 2 days. Sort of the diet equivalent of the guy who buys every piece of snowboarding gear you can get and then goes 2 times and that’s it.

So, I made it through week 1, and was going to post pics and measurements as of day 8 (1st day of the 2nd week), but alas, my schedule did not permit.

Anyway, here are my measurements and pics. My starting weight was 200. (all pics and measurements were completely unflexed, letting out my gut/relaxing as much as possible)

Wednesday, Oct 1st, Day 9

Age: 24
Height: 5’11"
Scale Weight: 195
Body Fat (Accumeasure Calipers, 1 spot): 17%

  • Around the largest part of your belly/love-handle area

  • Upper leg (thigh)

  • Lower leg (calf)

  • Chest: Across nipple line

  • Between belly button and nipple line (upper abs area)

  • Shoulders
    ? not sure how you want this measured

  • Upper arm

  • Neck




(oh and the long shorts are bouldering pants, I was on my way out to go climbing)

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